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Jarrow: Town Centre Bus Station

“This view was taken in the late 1980s to early 1990s. By then, trolley/tram buses had been phased out in favor of more versatile models. Increased travel between towns rendered the old trolleybuses obsolete, replaced with the more modern and cost-effective ‘Value for Money’ buses.”

The bus station remained operational until the early 1990s, becoming uneconomical due to the rising popularity of the Metro System. As a result, the area was demolished and sold to a supermarket chain, which now includes a streamlined bus terminal.

Jarrow Bus Station (late 80’s/early 1990’s approx.)

“Both photos show the new Palmer Community Hospital in the background. The bottom photo also reveals the old Rectory (a listed building) to the far left, just in front of the hospital. This building was once part of the original Palmer Hospital complex. The old hospital closed its doors in the early 1980s, effectively sealing its fate. Later, it was demolished.”

The closure of the hospital was the signing of its death warrant and at a later date, Palmers Hospital was demolished. The New Palmer Hospital was built on the site of the old hospital. Behind that can be seen the spire of the Grange Road Baptist Church. After the marchers gathered at the local Town Hall they proceeded to Christ Church for a service before embarking on their historic journey.

Bus Station as it appeared in the here and now (July 2012)

“This picture of the current bus station was taken in 2012, on a beautiful spring day as I recall, with the sun shining brightly. Since the taken of this picture, the grassed area to the bottom of the photo has since been turned into a car park to accommodate increased car parking in the town center”

It is a far cry from October 5th, 1936, when the Jarrow marchers also known as the Jarrow Crusade, a pivotal protest against unemployment and poverty in 1936 left their loved ones behind, Hoping their actions would secure a better future for them all.

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