Jarrow: Ormonde Street

Many photographs taken around the 19th century exist of Ormonde Street in Jarrow Tyne and Wear. Most all of them showing the view below. This street all those years ago was classed as the main shopping area and was always busy with shoppers. The scene below existed until it was demolished in the 1960’s.

The only building to survive demolition was the Burton building seen hear to left in the photo, opposite the Woolworth building.

Woolworth Department Store
Woolworth and Co. Ltd. Ormonde Street.

Ormonde Street itself is no-longer filled with the hustle and bustle of shoppers. A new shopping centre was built at the time to the left and the rear of these building out of shot of this photograph. The old Burton building still stands today (2013) and has been re-vamped into a carpet shop.

Ormonde Street

Burton Building
Burton Building Ormonde Street

Close by these buildings stood Jarrow’s old market square which was centred around an old Victorian theatre. The square and theatre also went under the hammer of the demolition company in the 1960’s and the area was used to build council housing. After the build completion it was given the name North Court.

Now at this moment in time North Court Council housing has been demolished and has made way for new private town housing. seen here to the left in the photo.


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