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Unemployment, what does it say about you?. Is it a means to an end?, a better future for self/family?, are you disabled and would love to work?, a necessary evil?, something to be afraid of?, or maybe to be avoided at all costs?. Which ever floats your boat it will say something about you…

I was chatting to a friend about the Governments latest drive to get more individuals off of Unemployment and Sickness Benefit. He was saying that a lot of people are unemployed simply because there is no jobs to get. He went on to say that

“back in the good old days there were plenty of jobs to go round”.

Myself, I am from the back-end of those so called good old days. I’ve been in work since I left school. The first Job I had was as a Window Cleaner, why, not exactly what I had envisaged for myself, because jobs at the time were hard to find I needed to start somewhere. So I did and now some years later I have ended up in Warehouse Management a far cry from window cleaning. Hopefully I have made my point unlike my mate who I am not to sure knows exactly what he is talking about… (and yes I have told him that)

You need to know why I told him I felt he was talking out of his backside. My friend, yes he is my friend the guy is nice enough, he just does not want to work for a living. We’ll call him Dave so he becomes a person rather than a thing. Dave has not held a job for more than 32+ years although he trained and qualified as an Arc Welder, back in is supposed ‘good old days’. since then his main cry for as long as I have known him, has been

“I have been for many interviews but the jobs were not the right kind of work for me”.

He left me wondering how many different types of arc welding there is, for it not to be the right one for him.

He has spent the last 32+ years going between Sickness and Unemployment Benefit. When he is sent to undergo a Government Health Medical the Doctor finds nothing wrong with him and takes him off of Sickness Benefit, he then waddles along to Social Security and registers as unemployed, accepting unemployment benefit for six months. When the six months run out and before they force him into a job he waddles back to the doctors where by clever deception he ends up back claiming Sickness Benefit, although, after 32+ years his local doctors surgery know him well and so his circle starts again.

Challenging his work or won’t work attitude is very relevant. I know by experience, there are one or two members of my own family who have gone out of there way to avoid working for a living. they would rather sponge off of the taxpayer than do an honest days work and add a little respect/self-esteem to their lives, and you can forget the there’s no jobs attitude. These phantom jobs are there they’re just low paid like mine was, but if I taken the attitude I’m better off receiving benefits I would not have ended up with a rather pleasant managerial job… get the picture… To these people I would say enjoy it while you can your days are numbered, no matter which Government is in power.

That’s my little rant out of the way lets get back to the Government and Unemployment. I do not believe there will ever be a scenario where there will be no unemployment, and that’s not because of the individuals who do not want to work, and its not because of the particular party in Government at the time.

If you really think about it. How many people would you say there are up and down the country working for The Department Of Unemployment? my guess would be more than a few thousand. What would happen to these individual if all the unemployed workers on their books were in full time/part employment?, my guess would be those working for the Department Of Unemployment and Sickness Benefit would then become the unemployed receiving their own unemployment benefit while they train for some other form of work, So to me it seems like it has gone full circle and whether you are in work hoping never to be out of work, the bread winner in your family, or someone who thinks the Government owe them a living there will always be unemployed people and a risk of becoming unemployed, and if you really do want to work then you need to get on the ladder were ever that may be.


Attended state schools (St Peters & Paul's) Spent my last 4 years attending St Cuthbert Secondary. Driver and warehouse manager 25 years plus. Spent 16+ years attending Newcastle Uni and North Tyneside College. (Humanistic approaches in Counselling). Qualified some years ago. Don’t have many dislikes apart from people who try to be something they’re not (conveniently forget where their roots are), and I do not suffer fools easily so they tell me, or people that over talk others. I eat and drink to live, love all kinds of music, places of interest, photography, Singing, computing, reading for pleasure (mostly supernatural/horror, James Herbert / Stephen King), and swimming.

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