Women To Rule The Earth…

Published by Shahdaroba Monday 2nd April 2012

What would that do to the male ego? I wonder. I got to thinking about the saying “behind every successful man is a wise woman” I figure this statement made forty plus years ago was true then and it is as important now, if not more so, as it was then, no matter which way round you look at it.

Whether you are married, living with someone, or in business, etc. if you expect it to work you should first realize the need to support each other. If it is all one-sided sooner or later the partnership will drift apart… but this was not quite what I had in mind.

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The Devils Advocate Strikes Again

I was thinking more in line with genetics/heredity. I was listening to a news item when the presenter got to talking about the American President and how he has got a good woman behind him.

This was followed up with a news item about an attack on a 65 years old woman pensioner, she was beaten up badly and robbed of a few pounds, another item was the rape of a young girl.

The robbery committed by a young lad under 15 years of age (no name). The rape of the young girl was said to have been committed by a 32-year-old male, another news item was about a 70-year-old female pensioner being beaten, raped, and left for dead.

Nothing unusual about that you might say, sadly that kind of thing seems to be in the news on a regular basis these days. My point is more and more crimes are being perpetrated against women. …back to my thoughts…

I am sure most all of us are aware of bodybuilding and how this sport is dominated by men more than women well, just supposing it did become the norm, for women to body-build I mean. Now let’s go one step further supposing more and more of these particular men and women got married, live together, whatever… had children and so on….

We as a human being have survived over the centuries by evolving and adapting to our environment, are you ahead of me I wonder.

Now just supposing these super-fit men and women handing down their DNA made for strong healthier babies.

At the moment the boffins agree that there are more female babies being born than there is male, add to the equation that in the not too distant future as far as needing a man to help produce children goes, you will not, need a man to help produce a baby I mean.

You need to stretch your imagination here let’s say in the not too distant future the need for women to bear the child was no longer necessary… why? because in time scientists had found a way for it to be done outside of the body in an artificial womb.

Now let’s add the equation up, more female babies being born, carrying DNA from their body-building parents may have a knock-on effect making for stronger, sleeker female babies being born. they, in turn, would more than not, as they got older, carry on in the same vein as their parents.

What you may have is super fit females. No longer needed to lend their body to bearing children they now have a need for more in life, like taking on jobs that have been male-dominated for years, being sick and tired of being mugged, raped, looked upon as being second-class citizens in the eyes of some cultures… I’m on your side girls.

Those males among us who enjoy those kinds of crimes, they know who they are, need to think long and hard because fella’s it won’t be long before you become the hunted.

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