When Dreaming Becomes Unpleasant

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 22nd February 2015
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It’s been some while since I had my last dream to order (so to speak). I set this dream diary up to post about my follow-on dreams but it turns out my waking dreams can be a bigger nightmare so I am going to use my diary for both my wacky thoughts and sleeping dreams.

I now find myself having dreams that pick up where they left off the night before, and to let others know if you have one particular dream that lasts over two nights you are not alone.

The Dream Begins

Yet again I find myself in a dark room. The same room from my last dream to order. The fear I am feeling in this dark room is tremendous. I seem to know somehow it would be dangerous to remain in the darkness.

Looking around I spotted a window with a small amount of light coming through it. The window set high up in the darkness was much higher than you would expect to find a window.

I moved through the darkness and came to where the window was set into the wall wondering how I was going to climb up to it, as a means of escape, only to find the room I thought I was in was not a room at all.

The window still had a small amount of light coming through it, however, the light was coming from the glass and not shinning in from the outside. Looking around there was no wall the window appeared to be floating, beyond the window was total darkness.

Passing under the window it dawned on me that I could see in this darkness, but not in the sense we see with our eyes. It was more like what little I could see was being picked up by my senses, and shown to me in negative form in my mind’s eye (very much like an old camera took a negative before a photo could be printed).

I was still Sh–ing bricks as I slowly shuffled forward when the bottom dropped out of my world. Up until that very moment I had not paid any attention as to what I was walking on until a sound much like a mouse might make made me glance down at my feet.

My eyes were useless at this moment. What my mind’s eye saw was (yes you may have guessed right) nothing, absolutely nothing just darkness, and I had already begun to fall into it. I had no mind vision of falling past things (much like an elevator would) it felt more like a sensation of falling into complete darkness turning over and over.

I knew in my heart if I hit the bottom at the speed I was falling I would not get up and walk away. (that’s how real it made me feel).

whether I hit the bottom or not I never did find out. On the way down I became aware of some rather weird sounds. Still wondering what or who could be making them I woke up.

The clock by the side of my bed was showing 4 am. This meant I had been in bed a little over 3 hours. I drifted back to sleep within minutes. If I dreamt after going back to sleep I was not aware of doing so (webmaster).


This was what I thought would be the beginning of another weird dream. I have added this note just to say I might have got it wrong. At the moment I have not had my dream continue on from where it left off. This is now night 3 and up to now, I have not had any dreams that I can remember.

If and when it does pick up where it left off, I’ll add it to my diary.

Image by BedexpStock from Pixabay

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