Was Covid 19 (Corona Virus) An Accident

In my latest waking nightmare scenario, I got to thinking how did the virus get started?

News reports made countries worldwide aware that mega-corporations (secret society) feel the world population is no longer sustainable and seen as a future threat to our planet. It is only of late that we (joe soap) have also become aware of this ourselves.

We thought we were aware of what another World War would do to our planet not to mention us now that we are in the nuclear age. You can have all the money in the world run mega cooperations or a secret society it would all be for nothing without our planet to live, work, rest and play on (above ground anyway).

The Nitty Gritty Of It All

In my waking nightmare, this particular secret society thought they had been given the godly right to put their own ideas on how to save the world, into action. Working behind fronted puppets, this was exactly what they did do.

In certain governments around the globe key money men (my own name for them) had been strategically placed inside key governments (USA, Germany, UK.) pulling the strings of the puppets. The puppet men were used by this group of individuals to hide from the public and other nations what was really going on behind locked doors.

Let’s rewind for a sec. Our older generation would often tell us there had previously been two world wars both were an excuse to cull the world population and the greed of humans to own something owned by someone or some other nation (this bit of my nightmare is still true today).

Here, in the 22nd century we have moved on in technology and we are fully aware another world war would have serious consequences for all life on earth this includes the planet its-self.

Buried Alive

Unknown to the wider population key governments had built underground huge cities into mountain ranges. These underground cities could house many thousands of elite works and their families and of course the secret group that started the ball rolling.
This particular group of people no longer need to hide behind politicians. They came to be the supreme rulers of the earth.

I ask you? What fools would exchange our blue skies, trees, plants, beautiful flowers, green fields, the smells and sounds of our open countryside, quaint villages, the wind in your hair, the various seasons of this and other countries, fabulous buildings, beautiful sunsets, sights and sounds, the various species, god knows (if you believe in him, that is) there is so much more I have not mentioned.

Would you want to exchange your freedom for some city built into a mountainside and deep caverns under the earth we now walk upon? I hoped not. As it turned out I was one of the lucky ones (if you can call it that) I was part of one of those elite families. who would move into one of the underground cities should the need arise?

So Neuclear Extinction Is Not The Answer

However, another world war was out of the picture. So what else could be done to limit, what the secret society controlling the governments call the greatest threat, The growing world population (without stepping on the toes of “We have our human rights”).

Well, a virus was seen as the answer. They released a new virus that closely resembled the old Flu Virus.

The virus had similar effects on the body only this one spread much more quickly and was far deadlier than any flu virus. Whether it was allowed to spread deliberately or foolishly World Wide by Governments no one knew. Many of the world’s population died before any form of cure could be found.

They successfully culled the world’s population without firing a single bullet or dropping a nuclear bomb. All without bringing about world retaliation from other nations all because no one had realized it was a deliberate attack on humanity when we did it was too late to do anything about it.

Let us go one step further if it had been released deliberately it would have been done with some form of a goal in mind e.g. curbing the planet’s population to a more manageable size for one. A lot fewer people depend on the government for another. That was just the start.

Of course, this is just my weird imagination working overtime… I hope.

Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay


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