Was Covid 19 an Unfortunate Accident

Published by Shahdaroba Tuesday 27th April 2021

In my latest imaginative scenario, I’ve been contemplating the origins of the virus.

News reports in our time have made countries worldwide aware that mega-corporations (which can be seen as secret societies) believe that the world’s population is no longer sustainable and poses a future threat to our planet. Recently, even we, the average citizens, have become aware of this ourselves.

We thought we understood the devastating consequences another world war would have on our planet, especially now that we live in the nuclear age. After all, no amount of money, whether it be possessed by mega corporations or a secret society, would matter if we didn’t have a planet to live, work, rest, and play on (at least above ground).

The Nitty Gritty Of It All

Now, let’s delve into the details of my unsettling vision. In this particular nightmare, a secret society believed they had been bestowed with divine authority to take matters into their own hands and save the world. Operating behind the scenes through puppet leaders, that’s exactly what they did.

Within certain governments across the globe, influential individuals (whom I refer to as “key money people”) had strategically infiltrated key positions in governments such as the USA, Germany, and the UK. They manipulated the puppet leaders, using them as a cover to conceal their true intentions from the public and other nations. Their clandestine activities took place behind locked doors.

Now, let’s take a step back for a moment. Our older generation often told us that the previous world wars were excuses to reduce the world’s population and satisfy human greed for ownership and control, whether it was land, resources, or territories (this aspect of my wild nightmare still holds true today).

In the 25th century, we have advanced technologically and fully comprehend the catastrophic consequences another world war would bring to all life on Earth, including the planet itself.

Buried Alive

Unbeknownst to the general population, key governments had constructed massive underground cities within mountain ranges. These hidden enclaves were designed to accommodate thousands of privileged individuals, their families, and the secretive group responsible for initiating these developments. Over time, this particular group seized supreme control over the planet, no longer needing to hide behind politicians.

I pose a question: Who in their right mind would trade the beauty of our blue skies, lush trees, vibrant plants, exquisite flowers, verdant fields, the sensory delights of our open countryside, charming villages, the wind tousling our hair, the distinct seasons experienced in this and other countries, magnificent architecture, breathtaking sunsets, the sights and sounds of diverse species—indeed, the countless wonders that surround us? There is so much more that I haven’t even mentioned.

Would you willingly sacrifice your freedom for an existence confined within a city built deep into a mountainside or within the cavernous depths beneath the very earth we tread upon? I certainly hope not. Ironically, I found myself among the fortunate few—part of an elite family slated to relocate to one of these underground cities should the need ever arise.

So Nuclear Extinction Is Not The Answer

Nuclear annihilation was deemed an unsuitable solution, leaving the secret society controlling governments to ponder alternative methods of addressing what they considered the greatest threat: the rapidly expanding global population. Without infringing upon individuals’ “human rights,” they sought a means to limit population growth.

Their solution came in the form of a virus—a new strain designed to bear a striking resemblance to the common flu. Although its effects on the body were reminiscent of the flu, this virus possessed a far greater ability to spread rapidly and inflict deadly consequences. Whether its worldwide dissemination was a deliberate act or a result of governmental negligence remains unknown. Countless lives were claimed by the virus before any semblance of a cure could be discovered.

They successfully culled the world’s population without firing a single bullet or dropping a nuclear bomb. All without bringing about world retaliation from other nations all because no one had realized it was a deliberate attack on humanity when we did it was too late to do anything about it.

In this way, the secret society accomplished its goal of population reduction without resorting to gunfire or nuclear warfare. Their actions went unnoticed as a deliberate attack on humanity until it was too late for any meaningful response.

Taking it a step further, if the virus was intentionally released, it likely served specific objectives. Perhaps it aimed to bring the planet’s population down to a more manageable size or reduce the dependency of citizens on government assistance. Whatever their ultimate intentions, this was only the beginning.


Of course, this is just my weird imagination working overtime… I hope.

Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay