Wall To Wall Dreaming

Published by Shahdaroba Wednesday 25th January 2017

Those visitors who visit regularly will know I have started having some strange dreams of late.

When Does A Dream Become A Nightmare

It’s that time again. My last dreams always had me waking up in what I think is a dark windowless room, this latest dream is no different other than the room this time around really did have no doors or windows. I seem to sense this was how it would be if I went looking, so I continued to sit cross-legged on what I thought was the floor.

I am not aware of how long I had been sitting in that position, only that my next thought was what is that. A little distance from where I sat, what looked at first like a black cloud had popped up. Remember this room was dark and windowless yet still I could make out this extremely black cloud-like form that now seemed to fade into the darkness around it. The nearer it got to me the more I could feel myself starting to panic.

That was it, although I was not aware of it I found myself running at break-neck speed in the opposite direction. However, I could not put any distance between me and whatever was coming up behind me. Still running, I kept thinking I could not let whatever was chasing me catch me.

It felt like I had been running for many hours. I was also still fully aware of being in a dark room without windows or doors, and yet I never seemed to reach the other side of the room if it was indeed a room at all.

Once again in what was a flash of light, I found myself sitting up in bed (my bed) but it was not back in my bedroom, and the room I had gone to sleep in, instead my bed was now in a brightly light area.

My eyes quickly adjust to the sudden brightness looking around I could not see where the light was coming from. However I could not miss seeing the cage that went around my bed, although it was not square it was not round either more miss shapen. A little distance from the bed, the bottom of the bars’ seemed to pass through the light and vanish while the top of the bars continued upwards as far as my eyes could see.

Using the light to see beyond the bars of the cage got me nowhere, the light did not seem to penetrate the blackness beyond the bars.

I do not know how long I sat staring at the bars of what I could only judge to be a cage a rather weird-shaped one at that. My next thoughts were of having a rather bad headache. my dream had been quickly dismissed and replaced with the familiar surroundings of my bedroom I got out of bed rather slowly holding my head because it felt like if I didn’t it would fall off I went tiptoeing downstairs to take some well-deserved painkillers with a cup of tea.

It was the best part of an hour before I felt more like myself. Going back to bed I do not remember dreaming anything more.


Thankfully I did not have my headache when I woke up but the dream was still fresh in my mind and has remained so.

Original background image before changes by Nicole Köhler from Pixabay

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