Train Of Thought To Nowhere

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 5th February 2012

I was watching a television documentary a couple of days ago where the presenter was talking about how science had grown in leaps and bounds, and how technology to date had uncovered many things about the Universe we live in.

One particular subject was on the Big Bang Theory, the Earth way back before time as we know it was the result of matter meeting antimatter (I think). The universe, way back then, was filled homogeneously and isotropically with an incredibly high energy density, huge temperatures, and pressures, and was very rapidly expanding and cooling… this is considered the “birth” of our universe which eventually went on to form our earth.

If this has got you interested then you can read on by using this link to Wikipedia.

Tree Of Life

Now back to my post about God, the Bible, and the church. How did I make the leap from the making of our universe to a God-like individual (They both claim to have fashioned our Universe) whose teachings have been handed down through the Bible?

Well, the Bible would have us believe that God created the world in six days, and on the seventh, he rested. We have scientists who would have us believe that the Big Bang Theory fashioned our universe and its effect is still doing so.

Okay so which one do you believe? If you go with the big bang then you reject the seven days version mentioned in the Bible. So for the sake of starting somewhere let us go with the big bang for now. OK, so the part that God created the world in six/seven days is wrong. If so, then maybe other parts of the Bible that link to God’s creation may also be wrong.

The one teaching (for the purpose of this posting) I am thinking about is Adam and Eve.
The Bible teaches that Adam lived in the Garden of Eden (paradise). To keep him company he created a woman from a rib bone in Adam’s body her name was to be Eve.

The Bible goes on to say that Eve gave in to the Devil’s temptation and eat an apple from the tree that God had forbidden Adam to touch… let’s cut to the chase God expelled them both from the garden to where else, but good old Earth.

Scientific Study Proves Other Wise

If scientists are right and the Big Bang Theory is correct then the teachings in the Bible of Adam and Eve are wrong. This got me thinking. (weird thought coming on) Could Adam and Eve have been just an old-world bedtime story for naughty children of the time? Could this have been the way the church guaranteed its following?

This teaching/story has one of the Ten Commandments built into it… (8) Thou shall not steal, and if you do you will be cast out just like Adam and Eve. As science marches ever forward no wonder religion has taken a back seat these days.

Now if you come down on the side of religion no matter what, then you will never believe the Big Bang Theory, or have I got that wrong? I suppose you could argue who/what put the matter/antimatter there in the first place, so the Big Bang could happen

Here end-ith the lesson… Only joking folks… We can always trust in the (LHC) and for those who think it will cause a Black Hole when switched on you’re entitled to your opinion, and remember if you are right then we will all go together… Or maybe our game warden will lock the cage door before we ever get the chance to journey too far into space… That’s another post!


As it turned out the Pessimists got it wrong it did not create a black hole.

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