To Dream Or Not To Dream

Published by Shahdaroba Saturday 26th June 2021

Visual Reference

Now, dreaming that’s a whole new ball game. I always thought dreaming was something the mind needed to do to keep itself occupied while the body rested and had very little reference to the waking world. It could be said the brain has its own fantasy movie show while the body is at rest. However, ignoring dreams would appear to be the wrong thing to do.

I am of the belief some people believe dreams are prophetic (predicting what will happen in the future) and are a source of information that should not be ignored.

Why do we dream? Some of us do not remember what we dream about. Others may find dreaming a rewarding experience while others may suffer both physically and mentally.

Examples could be where one person may be dreaming of that last enjoyed holiday looking forward to the next. Someone else may dream of being chased down by that bully they will meet again when school reopens now their holidays were over.

Hopefully, you can see how one example was of pleasant thoughts being remembered from their holidays the other was the complete opposite. Their holiday memories had been replaced by fear and anxiety of going back to school to face that bully now that the holiday was over.

If the latter dream was repeated over a period of time the lack of much-needed sleep and resting would eventually lead to ill health and may even lead to that person staying away from school to avoid confrontation.

If you or you know of someone in this position it is important to speak to a parent or confide in someone you can trust then seek help from your teacher, family doctor, or a care worker who will keep what you tell them confidential while still seeking to bring an end to the fear and anxiety you are experiencing.

As I said earlier some of us may not remember dreaming. However, it is believed we all dream several different dreams each night whether we remember them or not. Those people who do remember their dreams will almost always find them mixed up making no sense at all this is due to the fact we only remember bits of each dream on waking.