To Dream Or Not To Dream

Published by Shahdaroba Wednesday 5th July 2023
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Dreaming is a fascinating phenomenon that has puzzled many. Some perceive dreams as the mind’s way of keeping itself occupied while the body rests, having little connection to the waking world. It could be seen as the brain’s private fantasy movie show during sleep. However, disregarding dreams may not be the wisest approach.

There are those who believe that dreams have a prophetic nature, foretelling events that will occur in the future and should not be ignored as a potential source of information.

Why Do We Dream

But why do we dream? Some people do not recall their dreams, while others find the experience of dreaming rewarding, while some may suffer physically and mentally due to their dreams.

For instance, one person might dream about their cherished past holiday and eagerly anticipate the next one. On the other hand, someone else might have a recurring dream of being chased by a bully they will encounter upon returning to school after the holidays.

In the first example, pleasant memories from the holiday are recalled, fostering a positive mindset. In contrast, the second dream replaces those holiday memories with fear and anxiety, as the person anticipates the confrontation with the bully upon returning to school.

Fear May Cause Avoidance

If this latter dream were to repeat over time, the lack of essential sleep and rest would eventually lead to poor health, and the individual may even avoid school to evade the confrontation.

If you find yourself or someone you know in this position, it is crucial to reach out to a parent or confide in someone trustworthy. Seek help from a teacher, family doctor, or caregiver who will maintain confidentiality while working towards alleviating the fear and anxiety you are experiencing.

As mentioned earlier, some individuals may not recall their dreams. Nevertheless, it is believed that we all have several different dreams each night, whether we remember them or not. Those who do recall their dreams often find them jumbled and nonsensical. This is because upon waking, we only retain fragments of each dream.

I can on occasion remember almost all of my dreams at other times I have had dreams that continue on into the next night of sleep and there are also times when my dreams make no sense at all.