This Forsaken Earth

Published by Shahdaroba Tuesday 20th January 2015

Regular visitors to will know I have some wacky thoughts from time to time, and I feel another coming on…

As I always say about my religious Blog postings. If you hold your religious beliefs close to your chest and have a closed mind to debate, I would suggest (with respect) you read no further.

No matter what religious faith you hold dear, I think that most all of us have the design around a Supreme Being/Intelligence/God/Deities. Someone or something that has an abundance of forgiveness for his or her children Well. My thoughts are around.

Survival After Our Death (if there is one)

Some will say there is no such thing as life ever after and, have a good argument to back it up (Science). Others will argue against this to the point of paranoia, while some others do not believe, full stop. I believe those people (nonbelievers) call themselves Atheists (a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods/deities).

Does The Journey Start This Way

More to the point if there is such a wonderful after-life why up to now, and many millions have died since man first woke up to find him or herself here on earth, has someone not escaped to come back and tell us all about it.

Have you ever heard the saying “this God-forsaken world of ours” and “the sins of the Father”? Well, it got me thinking what if the believers have it right, and there is a God, and Mother Earth really is God-forsaken.

Forsaken because this is where we atone for the sins of the father. Ever heard of Purgatory… Well, this is ours, and we are forced to wait out our time here on Earth governed only by how we live out our lives (or maybe how others would like us to live it) before passing on to… I don’t know you tell me.

Sins of the father. What does that mean? Regular visitors might remember my thinking around Adam and Eve.

So does that mean when we are born we are acting out something that supposedly requires our confirmation (Eve eating the forbidden apple) that happened at the Dawn of Time or something more down to earth (maybe) the sins of the family visited on the newborn?

I need to leave it there for the moment, while I factor into my scenario (make belief) the birth of children. Why some die soon after being born, Stillbirths (when a baby dies in the womb before its birth), children born with both physical and mental disorders. I wonder how Genetics would hold its own against make-believe.

Earth is where we live or rather try to live (peacefully for most of us)… Murder, War, Rape, Child murders, Child molestation, both young and elderly abuse… That’s enough for me… If our Earth isn’t Purgatory then what the hell is it. It sure isn’t Heaven, and Hell would probably be beyond our wildest Nightmares.


Please remember this is just me rambling on again, as some of my mates would say… Thanks for your visit.

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