The Martians Are Coming

Published by Shahdaroba Friday 15th January 2016

Well, I have had another one of my crazy thoughts. Got a few minutes to sit back and read a little more. Unless you have had your head buried in the sand or been lost in the depth of the Amazon jungle then you will have heard about the new beliefs, beyond doubt, there was once water on the Planet Mars.

From the latest data (pictures etc.) beamed back from Mars, research boffin’s believe that the canals of Mars could have once flowed with water, one of the basic elements for life, as we know it, for life to exist.

If that is so then just maybe many, many hundreds or thousands of years ago a civilization much like our own may have existed on that now barren wasteland.
If you theorize this may have been possible and life did exist on Mars then what the hell happened to them.

Mars today is a bleak barren landscape which means our interpretation of life to date could not survive on Mars… or could it… If you are still with me let’s rewind time a little or should that be a lot.

Does it matter, not really, what I am thinking is just another one of my daft ideas which once down on paper I will be able to put to bed and out of my head?

Through The Eyes Of A Martian

So… It’s thousands of years ago, and I am a Martian (to use a label) living on Mars where else (me.. thinks). If you could see my home you would be quite surprised to find how closely your planet Earth resembled my home.

We are a well-advanced race with space travel commonplace. Capabilities Earth has not even dreamed of yet.

We have an independent World Committee that oversaw the many Government bodies that ruled our planet. In fact, we were so advanced we thought we were invincible. That was our first mistake, among many.

The second big mistake was, we the many nations never once stood up and said enough was enough.

Governments lined their own pockets, and the population throughout our world became fodder for the money men.

Many of our precious land masses suffered from the many internal Wars of the time. Some governments wanted more, others wanted to keep that which was theirs, and others just wanting to flex their muscle, but went too far and would not turn back for fear of losing face.

It did not take long for the various internal wars around our globe to damage it beyond our repair.
Fault lines much like those Earth had (sorry slip of the fingers) mirrored something similar around my own world. Various internal wars around our planet played their part, our fault lines could take it no longer.

Time To Wakeup And Smell The Coffee

At first, it went unnoticed landmasses became unsteady, our great oceans, yes that’s right I said oceans, relentlessly pounding our shores reclaiming vast areas of my world. I did say you would be surprised how like your planet Earth my home was.

As I said it went unnoticed. Over years to come new volcanoes, ground shifting, the splitting open of our planet, and the wars still went on. Would we ever learn?

Thankfully it soon became apparent that something needed to be done as living on the surface was rapidly deteriorating. Our air was being poisoned, our world being torn apart.

What came out of a World Wide Conference was to build large underground living accommodation for all. Our advanced technology could easily make short work of digging out huge underground homes.

World leaders agreed it would be a simple matter, and we could keep an eye on the surface. When it returned to what we had previously known, parties of researchers could be sent out to start the big clean-up.

As I have already said space travel was commonplace. It was inevitable that those in the know would opt to take their chances in space knowing only too well to stay on Mars would eventually mean extinction. Those in the know conveniently forgetting to tell the masses what they knew.

Their idea was to take a fleet of spaceships filled with the elite of our world and journey to where they believed other habitual worlds, way beyond our own solar system, existed.

Me… Well, I got lucky, one of the elite just happened to be my friend and warned me to get off of Mars and take my chances in outer space. He managed to get me onboard a spacecraft going in the opposite direction to that of the main fleet of spacecraft.

The owner of my particular spaceship believed the big wigs of my home were making a big mistake to head far beyond our solar system in search of planets to colonize when our technology only hinted at other advanced life forms.

The particular ship I was on was heading toward a planet where primitive life forms were known to exist. This particular planet I speak of was rich in both minerals and vegetation the air was a little rich in oxygen, more so than my home planet, however, we knew we could adapt to the change in air quality, overall this new world could sustain itself as well as our life forms.

Most important of all the life forms on this new planet were so primitive if and when we did eventually land the primitives on this planet would think of us as God. Making it much that much easier for the many few of us to live among them.

We were starting all over again. It was going to take many lifetimes before the small few of us could bring our advanced knowledge to this primitive world soon to be our home. If we arrived without any further mishap.

Over many lifetimes we would slowly introduce our own technology to our new home.

The great minds from our planet would have made it much easier to further our advancement on our now new home but were on board a large convoy of spacecraft heading for what they hoped would be their new world where hopefully technology was on par with our own.

Sadly unknown to me their great exodus to a new world would meet with failure and total extinction.

Our New Home

The primitives of the world we hoped to make our home on would leave picture painting around their homes. Drawings that would (with hindsight) bring much speculation in the distant future of soon-to-be our new home.

There was life on Mars, there isn’t now, those of my people who stayed on the planet built their underground homes to wait out the mess they had made of the environment. They were destined to never see the surface of their home ever again and extinction soon followed. The spacecraft’s that went out to find life elsewhere probably perished also.

The spacecraft I hitched a lift on… yes … we landed.

The sightings of unusually shaped aircraft were still many years hence, some people would claim to have seen strange lights in the sky… some will speak of being abducted. Well, they may or may not be UFO’s/Aliens from Mars or another planet coming to take over the Earth… why can I be so sure they’re not… Well, as I said we landed and made this new world our home.

Earth was the planet we landed on all those years ago… our new home to be … So if you’re not ahead of me… I am a descendant of my people. There are no Aliens coming to take over Earth they are already here… We the masses are the Aliens.

Wars come, and still more wars of unhappy Nations. We are taking the best out of our adopted new home and what are we putting back …Nothing… If there is one thing a man can not fight against even with all his firepower is nature …Mother Nature…

Check out our climate changes around our adopted planet. It’s slowly changing, and if we continue in the same vein we won’t need a meteor to hit Earth Mother Nature will wipe us out, and start again.

We can not fight the weather only try to protect against it and that eventually will do us no good either. If Mother Nature feels she has been abused by us, her tenants, for far too long she will call in our loan.

Our planet is not owned by any one individual or group of individuals, we are here on a lease and when that runs out well, you tell me. (extinction maybe) I can only hope unlike the extinction of my ancestors Earth’s leaders take notice before our planet is tragically lost to the wars that rocked my home planet Mars, leading eventually to our own extinction. The writing is already on the wall, hopefully, leaders recognize peace needs to prevail.

A Martians after thought

We have been unable to pass on as much of our technology as we had hoped. There is still much to teach. I only hope Earth our new home does not become a repeat of what we did to our own Home World. There is no escaping this world.

Our technology even as advanced as we were all those years ago we could not save our first home. If it happens again, here on planet Earth, there is no way Earth will survive and history will repeat itself.

When will we ever learn? Remember there is no other world out there for us to colonize. My ancestors destroyed that which could have been a safe haven… Mars… This time extinction means extinction even for our new home Mother Earth.


I do not have a clue where my weird thoughts come from. Sometimes I think I have taken leave of my senses. Ahh! Now saying that has just put my next crazy thought into my head.

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at Free Digital Photos

Image courtesy of blackzheep’s portfolio at Free Digital Photos

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