The Majestic Oak Tree

Published by Shahdaroba Friday 31st August 2012

There was more to come, but at that particular time, I thought that was the end of it.

Visual Reference

The next night my dream did not pick up where it had left off, but I knew I was still in the same dream from the previous night because hundreds of rather large black beetles that had been heading my way were now receding heading back toward the oak tree. I immediately felt the relief pass over me, however, it only lasts for seconds

Without being aware of moving I found myself looking back at the beetles that had only moments ago begun receding from me, bringing me much-needed relief. Now with sweat running down my back, I realized I was inside the tree, not sitting in its branches actually inside the tree trapped in the very fibers with no means of escape.

If there had ever been a time when I had believed in miracles I sure felt like I needed one now. The beetles that had only moments ago been receding were now heading for me… again …

I could feel the sweat running down my back as they got ever closer, and much worse than that for me was the fear had returned and the sure knowledge that I could not escape the tree. I can not overstate to you the reader how much fear was coursing through me. Not only was one of my pet hates heading for me again, but I also felt bonded to the tree and in a not too short space of time I would soon feel what it felt like to have hundreds of beetles crawling all over my body.

Since the dream had started the previous night I had only seen what I had thought was my physical body once, and now here I was trapped inside a tree with a black mass of cockroaches heading for me.

Once again I was plunged into darkness but this time I did not wake up as I had done so the previous night. I sensed more than felt the beetles had reached the base of the tree and stopped their advance effectively cutting off any escape, even if I could free myself from the bond I seem to have with this tree.

As I resigned myself to my fate the position of the tree changed, and once again I was back on the clifftop overlooking what I had thought the previous night was and most surely is a forest.

The difference this time, I am no longer looking down at myself from above. After all, why would I want to be free and shed my leaves and branches just to be human, short lifespan, vile tempers, a great number rotten to the core. I had seen their race come and I would see their race removed from my mother’s lands.

Here I stood a majestic Oak Tree of some great age. Stood on this very cliff top where many a human had rested against my truck and slept in the midday sun, I reside over my family. Yes, my Mother was soon to take her lands back from these distrustful creatures. Stopping them in their tracks before they could destroy any more of our planet they call Earth.

I only recall bits of other dreams a train crash, some sights of a fair-ground, dishwashers… I’m sure glad it was just a dream… I hope so…

This kind of dreaming worries me a little. For starters, I did not realize you could dream in an orderly fashion. When listening to others recall dreams their dream seems all mixed up.


I was just going to post my dreams as and when I remember them. If this is a permanent thing for me to start remembering my dreams I will make an area called My Dream Diary… Night all watch the bugs don’t bit… Webmaster.

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