Shine A Light

Published by Shahdaroba Monday 19th June 2023
extremely anxious man sitting on chair with his head in his hands
I do not know what to do

Once upon a time, in a poor part of his village lived James (not his given name). It was the beginning of a new year, and the air was filled with hope and anticipation. However, for James, this particular New Year seemed to bring little solace, as his life was plagued by a series of constant health problems.

First Things First

From the moment he woke up on that Monday, two days after the turn of the year, James found himself burdened by a multitude of ailments. His days were consumed by relentless heartburn that would strike regardless of what he ate. And if that wasn’t enough, he suffered from chronic constipation, a trivial yet persistent issue that demanded daily medication, despite the potential harm it posed to his body.

But it didn’t stop there. His body harbored a ruptured disc, causing excruciating pain as he attempted to navigate through each step of his life. Surgery was an option, but the fear of potentially worsening his condition left him paralyzed with indecision. It was the devil he knew versus the one he dreaded to discover.

To make matters worse, clinical anxiety had taken hold of James every waking moment. It haunted him relentlessly, transforming even the most mundane tasks into daunting challenges. Sleeping became a battleground, and something as simple as going back to bed in the evening was fraught with anxiety-induced complications.

Hole To Fill

As the week progressed, Wednesday brought an unexpected blow as James discovered a broken cap covering one of his front teeth. Seeking immediate dental assistance proved fruitless, as his dentist was only attending to emergencies due to the prevailing COVID-19 regulations. His predicament, though distressing to him, did not qualify as an emergency in the dentist’s eyes.

Fortunately, a glimmer of luck appeared on Thursday when James managed to secure an appointment thanks to a cancellation. However, the dentist expressed doubts about recapping the broken tooth, as a noticeable gap would remain until it could be properly addressed. Instead, a temporary solution was agreed upon, but James knew he would eventually have to return to have the tooth extracted.

Shine A Light

The accumulation of health problems had left James feeling utterly defeated, and he wondered if there would ever be an end to his suffering. He had been diagnosed 1 year ago and to this very day with cancer and diabetes recently diagnosed along with chronic arthritis, was that not enough suffering obviously not he thought to himself. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel seemed elusive, casting a shadow over his every thought.

Little did James know that his tale was about to take a turn. Fate had a way of weaving unexpected narratives, and perhaps, just perhaps, a new chapter awaited him—one filled with hope, healing, and a newfound appreciation for life’s simple joys.

Based on a true story showing how life can be so challenging for one individual. The problems surrounding this particular individual turned out to have a silver lining (Thankfully Shahd).