Revenue & Customs Email Scam

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Revenue & Customs Email Scam

Its that time of the year again and yet another email scam.
I read in our local news rag that the latest email scam was being directed at taxpayers.

It is reported that many thousands of emails were being sent out claiming to be from HM Revenue and customs informing individuals that they were due for a tax refund.

All the person had to do was fill in the on-line form with there bank or credit card details and their tax refund would be sent to them.

If you do give them your details you will be at risk of having your account cleaned out. So beware bogus forms remember if you are due a tax refund it would not come via email.

This warning was issued by HMRC Government agency who believe the scam has been stepped up to coincide with the end of January Self Assessment tax deadline here in the uk.

Lesley Strathie, HMRC chief executive said: ” This is the most sophisticated and prolific scam we have en-counted. We only ever contact customers who are due a refund in writing by post. I would strongly encourage anyone receiving such an email to send it to us for investigation.”

If you have received such an email you should forward it on to… or visit

HM Revenue and customs

Jan. 10. 2009.

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