Polyclinics: Walk-In Clinics

Published by Shahdaroba Saturday 18th February 2012

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Well, what do you know our Government is thinking about opening what they term Polyclinics. This is not a new idea Germany has had this kind of walk-in clinic, with everything but the kitchen sink built into them, for some time now. We are told that if and when these kinds of clinics open their doors it will bring fast and speedy help to those that are unwell. It’s not the speedy help for those who become unwell I have a problem with, it’s what will happen to my local doctor’s surgery that bothers me.

Big Brother says it will not have a knock-on effect, and I should not be concerned about my local surgery closing its doors for good, or for that matter, anybody’s local doctor’s surgery closing down, as this will not happen. Well, I sincerely hope that they’re telling the truth, Why I hear you say?.

Well, it goes like this Tory policies have, in the past, never been good for the working individual, that, is unless you sit on the board of directors, own your own or some piece of another’s company. As far as Joe Soap is concerned, no matter how much David Cameron tries to be seen walking to the shops for a bottle of milk and his daily paper or embracing a Hoodie or Chav, remember it looks good for business, but when his guard is down, his concerns for poor Joe Soap fly out the window.

If you put David Cameron into office believing he will do a better job for the working man (he may try but party politics will not let him) then you are still getting your Christmas presents from Santa Clause.

Back to the question in hand polyclinics. The government tells us that these polyclinics will fit into the hub, and our doctor’s surgeries will be the spokes correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the hospitals were, and always have been the hub of our health service, and the doctor’s surgery was the spokes referring people to the hospitals when, and where it becomes necessary. So when I am informed building these Poly Clinics will not have a knock-on effect of closing our doctor’s surgeries I am having a hard time believing it.

So you see I have a bit of a dilemma do I still vote Labour? when the time comes, if not then who do I give my vote to. I need to vote for someone. (don’t I?)

Voting for the other parties will not work either because in truth it would appear that they’re as bad as each other. Labour may have a few right-wing policies but at the end of the day, they have done more for the pensioner and the working man over their time in office than any other party has and probably will always do so.

If you put one of the other parties in office it will be the pensioners and working individuals that will suffer as they take back what labour has given to workers to get the country out of debt. So I guess I have answered my own question of who do I vote for.

Image by Lucas Costa from Pixabay

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay