Please MR. Postman Where Is My Parcel

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 25th March 2012

Another month, and yet another pet hate. Have you ever wondered what happens to lost mail here in the UK, I ask because we have had four parcels go astray.

When you pay to use their mail service you expect to get satisfaction seeing your parcel/letter get to the person it was intended for within their stated delivery times.

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Don’t get me wrong I realize there is a possibility, for whatever reason, they misplace the odd parcel/letter. However, it comes as a bit-e too hard to swallow when the same family (us) have complained four times that mail the mail service had been trusted with had not reached its destination, or in the words of our Post Office staff “your mail has been lost”.

I have received other none computer part parcels without any hassle so what is so special about the four parcels that went missing, my guess, is they have all contained valuable computer parts. No wonder I have now become suspicious. This post has been prompted by the loss of yet another parcel…YES… you guessed right this latest missing parcel also contained computer hardware.

I ask you what kind of comment is to give to a customer… It’s been lost. Is there some kind of rift in time, and space where on closer inspection we find our mail falling through a Black Hole never to be seen again? How about a ghostly mail-Weiler that follows postmen/women waiting for their chance to chew on our letters rather than biting the postman/women’s leg? No, I don’t believe that one either.

So what other excuse is there? I don’t think it takes a genius to work out what may be happening. I think somewhere in the system there are sticky fingers attached to some individual/individuals, and these particular individuals have been handling parcels, and letter for some time to the extent that they can tell from the way a parcel is wrapped that its contents have a strong possibility of being. I think that’s the time your/mine/our parcel is in danger of being lost.

Sadly if this is the reason for the lost mail the small minority of individuals who do this are throwing a bad light on the vast majority of honest hard-working people.

The Stats

Now it’s time for some statistics. I watched a recent news report on missing mail, and the statement from our wonderful mail service said they do a wonderful job so much so that out of the 21 Billion posted parcels/mail 0.58% of mail that goes missing in a year is not a bad result.

It may be a result for them, try telling that to the 0.58% of people that get themselves stressed because once again their parcel has gone missing, and claiming against the mail services for the loss of their mail. Time for another statistic a 0.58% loss of 21 Billion works out at 121,800 000. letters, and parcels that may or may not go missing every year. How safe is your mail…?… I wonder.

Lost Parcel Update

I thought you may like to know how our latest battle with our lost Mail is going… Yes… You guessed it they lost/miss placed yet another parcel of mine ten weeks ago. The saga of this lost parcel has been going on now for almost ten weeks and we are still waiting to be compensated.

Their policy states lost mail can only be reported as lost, if I believe them yet again after 15 days have expired, that’s working days of the course. After you report it lost they state that within thirty days or less compensation is completed.

I’m here to tell you should you ever have a letter or parcel of your own go missing, don’t believe them.

Try phoning them if an email has not got their attention, I hear you saying. Tried that. After listening to an automated voice for seven minutes, then going through various listings, when I did hear the listing I wanted… Yes… you guessed it correctly you are told to go to their website and send an email with your details of the lost item. Full circle I think… Yes… However, the matter of my lost parcel won’t end here why, because I can be a bit of a nasty pasty if I need to be, and yes, I am on the warpath, yet again with our so-called Mail provider.

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