Bridge spanning the River Don

Where Summer Meets Winter

These photographs came from me being clumsy. I had been looking through an old family photo album which I left on the arm of my chair to go and make a cup of coffee.

Sitting back down again, without spilling the coffee, was more difficult than I had realized.
I spilled the coffee and knocked the album off of the arm of the chair, spilling the photos out of the album on to the floor.
Some seasonal scenes had fallen out of the album on top of one another this made me wonder how 2 identical photos of differing seasons would look if combined into one picture.

The results you are looking at is the outcome of that thinking.


Attended state schools (St Peters & Paul's) Spent my last 4 years attending St Cuthbert Secondary. Driver and warehouse manager 25 years plus. Spent 16+ years attending Newcastle Uni and North Tyneside College. (Humanistic approaches in Counselling). Qualified some years ago. Don’t have many dislikes apart from people who try to be something they’re not (conveniently forget where their roots are), and I do not suffer fools easily so they tell me, or people that over talk others. I eat and drink to live, love all kinds of music, places of interest, photography, Singing, computing, reading for pleasure (mostly supernatural/horror, James Herbert / Stephen King), and swimming.

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