The River Don South Tyneside

The River Don South Tyneside

Up-date May 2017

These photos were taken along the route of the River Don a tributary of the River Tyne. Various smaller streams feed into it as it flows toward the River Tyne.

The route the river takes, as far as I can tell, starts West of the A194(M) Dual Carriageway in the Washington Area passing to the North and through the George Washington Golf Course where it intersects with Whittle Burn. It continues to flow east toward, and under the A19 dual carriageway passing to the North of Downhill Lane, continuing through West Boldon and Boldon where it flows close behind Wilfred Street then on past Boldon Comprehensive School.

It Continues East until eventually, it flows into its-self. Here it links up with the main branch of the river which flows in a North, South direction from Tile Shed/Cleadon.

Heading North it eventually feeds into the River Tyne at Jarrow Slake.

Along the rivers, banks are visitor attraction such as Colliery Wood, Station Burn, Primrose Nature Reserve, Saint Paul’s Monastery (the remains of Bede Monastery home to the Venerable Bede) and Bede’s World.


At this time in posting (Feb. 2016) I have just learned Bede’s World is to close with yet the loss of more job’s in the area. Sadly the firm that sponsored the project has gone into liquidation. Whether another sponsor steps up to the line or not looks a none starter.

Yet another nail in Jarrow’s coffin. If this trend keeps up a re-visit to the world of the Jarrow Marchers looks to be on the cards. (God forbid. If you believe in him… that is…)


Since this last posting I have learned Bede’s World has found, at long last, a new sponsor.

Bede Museum is now under the wing of Jarrow Hall. After alterations, and additions have taken place Bede’s World will once again open its doors to the public.

Since this last bit of good news Bede’s World is now open to the public.

Opening times are:

  • April – September (1 Apr 2017 – 30 Sept 2017)
    Day Times
    Monday 10:00 17:30*
    Tuesday 10:00 17:30*
    Wednesday 10:00 17:30*
    Thursday 10:00 17:30*
    Friday 10:00 17:30*
    Saturday 10:00 17:30*
    Sunday 10:00 17:30*
  • December – February (15 Dec 2017 – 2 Feb 2018)
    Day Times
    Monday Closed*
    Tuesday Closed*
    Wednesday Closed*
    Thursday Closed*
    Friday Closed*
    Saturday Closed*
    Sunday Closed*
  • Feb – March (3 Feb 2018 – 31 Mar 2018)
    Day Times
    Monday 10:00 16:30*
    Tuesday 10:00 16:30*
    Wednesday 10:00 16:30*
    Thursday 10:00 16:30*
    Friday 10:00 16:30*
    Saturday 10:00 16:30*
    Sunday 10:00 16:30*

* Last admission to museum/farm is 1 hour before closing time.
Dates and times marked with a ‘*’ are provisional and may be subject to change


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