Garden flowers: The Rose

Rose Of England

As well as the Oak being the national tree of England, the red rose is also widely accepted as the national flower of England. It also can be found in many a love poem, not forgetting it is also used as the symbol of the Rugby Football Union and has been since the early 18th century.

If my education serves me correct using the rose as the national flower goes back to Henry VII who introduced the historical Tudor red rose to represent the House of Lancaster, and a white rose to represent the House of York. Both flowers were seen as a symbol of unity after the English civil wars.
Many moons later the gesture would become known as the War of the Roses (I think).

The rose does it for me every time. I remember when I was a child (might still be sometimes) my Granddad owned an allotment (a piece of land away from the house used as an area for growing anything and everything.)

Here he grew many show winning flowers and vegetables. His favourite flower was the rose and he won many a show because of his green fingers. His Roses were next to none and absolutely beautiful.

Hope you enjoy this collection of rose photographs.


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