Primrose Nature Reserve

Primrose Nature Reserve

Primrose Nature Reserve can be found about 10 minutes south of Jarrow main shopping center, at the base of Cemetery Road. The reserve was created in 1990 and takes in part of the River Don. Formed from old ponds and ditches that border the banks, the land itself was occasionally prone to flooding and now with the help of the local Council lends itself as a haven to wetland wildlife.

“During the summer many attractive flowers can be seen, such as yellow iris, meadowsweet, wild angelica, and purple loosestrife. Though perhaps the most striking plant is the common reed, which grows to over three meters tall, and is still used in Southern England for thatching roofs”.

“The reed-bed, the largest in the Borough, is home to our only pair of reed warblers. They have a comparable song to that of the sedge warbler, though slightly softer”.— South Tyneside Council Leaflet

There is also a nature walk that takes in the reserve and makes for a most pleasing 5km (3 mile) walk.

Photographs taken early May 2013.


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