My Thoughts On Acting Prime Minister Mr. Johnson

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 27th October 2019
You Can Not Take It With You (That won’t stop some people trying)

Why would he propose a deal that’s worse than Mrs. May? Well, my opinion is he did it because he knows he can make money by doing so. How I am not too sure but I’m willing to bet it is in some way tied to our economy. He has also managed to turn voters and family members against each other.

I think the PM is making this country and everyone in it, from Joe Soap to Royalty, look rather foolish in the eyes of other Nations. It is all about making money and the power money brings with it. To me it appears on the face of it the collective thought of most of his members is ME first, Me second and the greater population can go to hell for all they care.

It seems to me the parties are gonna stand by and watch this extremely crafty man use the vote of the leavers to his own ends.

In my opinion, he is trying to turn this country of ours into a Tax Haven for the money men and/or women (who are they my guess some party like perhaps the Free Masons or one way out idea might be a party once called the Illuminati (what they would be called today who knows) jeopardizing the livelihood of hundreds of people up and down our country and that does not include the many businesses that will and some already have gone to the wall.

I would not mind betting the moneymen and/or women have their money tucked away somewhere waiting for the pound to move upwards then sell to make a nice profit at the expense of the economy and economy they control. I hasten to add as long as you are not breaking the law there is no law that says you can’t.

Removing Controversy

Let us take the Free Masons and the Illuminati two very controversial subjects out of the picture. Now I would replace the above Free Masons / Illuminati with a number of very wealthy men and women in this country with the power to influence Governments to their way of thinking using likable front men while they run the show backstage so to speak.

Of course again as I always point out this is only me wondering and playing Devil’s Advocate. I honestly do not know how most of them can go to bed at night and sleep (there have some good people too).

Recently I hear the P.M vows to press on regardless. I am neither for nor against but we have Royalty who have served our country faithfully for many years, whether you agree with me or not, we have a wonderful Health Service when it is not being deliberately underfunded, both are the envy of other Nations.

I personally think Mr. Johnson should be given a prize for being the best ever Dictator out of all the many Nations. Do we really need a Dictator? or backstage controllers if it comes down to it. I think not.

As I have said this is me playing Devil’s Advocate but if the cap fits then you should wear it.

Image by anil john from Pixabay

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