My Take On The December Election

Published by Shahdaroba Saturday 23rd November 2019
In Or Out And Shake It All About

After all the PM has said and done he has finally relented and taken the no-deal off of the table in exchange for a General Election.

It could be the pessimist in me I think he has only taken the no-deal off of the table because he believes and has probably been assured by a loyal few he will win.

My Beef About some labour Voters

I feel it is about time some Labour voters do justice to the Labour leader Mr. Corbyn as their leader not as some reject from a personality competition.

Don’t say I would never do that I know of more than a dozen people who did do just that and refuse to vote while he is their Leader. His policies are sound and budgeted for. Wherever you put your cross at the very least take the time to vote.

I know Mr. Corbyn has not got the charisma of other party leaders but his policies are sound and make sense and that’s the reason all politicians should be considered. He also does not prefabricate or embroider the truth. Again it’s my view of the person.

How We May Lose Our National Health Service

This time around ask yourself if jobs are in danger in your area, is your local hospital understaffed and on its last legs, I myself know our local council is not to blame their budget comes from whichever government is in power, another one every Britain should care about our National Health Service. If you value our health service like me put your vote where it will make a difference.

How do you fancy Mr. Trump dictating who gets treatment and who will pay when you go into hospital. Well, that’s the way I feel it could go if the present acting party PM is re-elected. If he ever was. Mr. Johnson would probably say losing our National Health Service (NHS) is scaremongering. Well, it isn’t. If you want our National Health Service to still belong to us (UK) this time next year I would respectively suggest you put your vote where it will do the best good.

In my mind, Mr. Boris Johnson will use the National Health Service as a bargaining chip when he goes to do a deal on our Medication. Then claim he had no other choice. To get a good deal he had to sell part of our National Health Service (NHS) off.

Yes, our health service is underfunded. Now I wonder who is to blame for that? Yes, it serves many more people now than it has ever done. I feel it would have never gotten so bad if the health service had not been repeatedly underfunded these past years.

A Man With His Eye On Our Future

The health service was set up for the people. Aneurin “Nye” Bevan, the health minister back in 1948 was a man with a vision. Our health service is envied around the world do you want to see it placed in the hands of some far-sighted American President who has no love for the UK and an eye on our health service.

Again I point out, as I always do, this is just me playing Devil’s Advocate. My own vision could turn out to be just that it may never come true. However, if the cap fits wear it.

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

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