My Nightmare Take On Opting Out

Published by Shahdaroba Saturday 17th August 2019
They used to say silence is golden or should it read Nightmare

It’s in the news that if we crash out of the EU without a deal prices on our little island would skyrocket especially medicines I feel a nightmare coming over me.

The import of our medication should seriously worry about all of us. I’m pretty sure most all of us at some time have used the doctors or the hospitals when feeling unwell if you have not then it is just a matter of time before you or someone close to you will.

The news report said the medication we get from those across the water (the good old USA) will cost us several times more. Far more than we pay now.

One Man Started This

Do you remember a little while ago Trump their President was after the Nation Health Service? He was more or less told to take a hike. The next news report out of the USA said he had taken it off the table as a condition for a good deal. For me off the table means no-way, not now, not ever.

Opting out of the EU (European Union) would mean our Government would have to go back to Trump and say please sir can we have a good deal on our imports.

The Tories don’t give a damn about our National Health Service. You can see how much they have cut the health service budget over the last ten years now they have the cheek to tell us they’re putting 1.8 Billion into the service this is only a fraction of the amount they have siphoned off over their time in Government.

In effect, they have given the health service nothing. How is that I hear you say? You do the maths in the years they have been in power at least several times that amount has been siphoned off. To me, a minus, minus, minus, plus one means there is a serious deficit. Now, what happened to the siphoned-off money you tell me?

Anyway enough. Back to President Trump. Let me imagine for the moment we have left the EU. Now our PM has to start making new deals with the European countries we did trade with (before the opt-out).

The fly on the wall

Now comes My Waking Nightmare part. What could be worse than Tories running our National Health Service (N.H.S)? How does President Trump (America) owning our National Health Service sit with you?

A few weeks in my scenario have now gone by since my hypothetical opt-out. It’s time to make a new deal with Mr. Trump. Our P.M (prime minister) goes to negotiate a new deal with America this would of course include some of our imported medication.

I have always wanted to hear what is said at these types of meetings. To do that I need to imagine being that fly on the wall.

The conversation could go something along these lines. PM Johnson speaking. Greeting President Trump As you will be aware we/I have now broken links with the European Union. Hopefully, it’s now time to make a good trading deal with America that would benefit both our countries.

President Trump replies. Let’s cut the small talk and get down to business. You say you are after a good deal I should warn you now any deal we make has to include your country’s National Health Service.

PM Johnson comments. Donald may I call you Donald. NO says Mr. trump I am not your friend. OK President Trump it was reported that you would not expect to include the (notice the, and not our health service) health service in any deals.

President Trump replies It’s all lies I never said any such thing (so the news media are once again telling lies). The national health service is back on the table if you want a good deal.

The NHS has always been a pain in the butt as far as the present Government is concerned, and the excuse to getting rid of it being blamed on the need to get a good deal with America would allow them to sell it off claiming to get a good deal for our country they had no choice.

There are many different versions out there in the media on how our country would suffer leaving the EU. My biggest concern is losing our health service.

In my hypothetical scenario do we really want to take a chance with a rigged deal that lost us OUR National Health Service? There is no good deal for Britain if we lose Our National Health Service in the process. Now that’s a nightmare waiting to happen.


I almost forgot to mention if reading this you are one of the yes voters then you probably believe none of what you have just read. Sadly, you’d rather listen to what your mate has said down at you local and not the many businessmen and women who know that much more. Do you really want an alleged cheat and his faceless money people running our country?

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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