My Most Horrific Nightmare To-Date

Published by Shahdaroba Monday 17th July 2017
Dream Catcher

I’m Only Dreaming

If you have followed some of my dreams you will be aware some of them are rather weird. This next one is not a dream more like a waking nightmare (imagined dream).

Switching on overhead searchlights they show a rather sad-looking Earth, buildings long since turned into rubble. Roads are full of large craters formed by only one thing a high-impact bomb. Probably dropped from the same airplane that flattened the buildings. It was going to take many generations before Earth could be populated again.

The immediate area as far as I could see, from this sealed, protected bunker, was rubble and more rubble, with rusted metal lamp posts, twisted almost beyond recognition. Looking skyward the light beam found it difficult to penetrate the heavy dark dust clouds hanging thick in the air. Still totally blocking out any signs of clouds and sunshine.

This was my sixth visit, as a watcher, above ground in as many years. The watcher position was handed down from my father and his father before him.

Our sole purpose was to keep watch on conditions above ground and report back. Sadly this report would be no better than the many reports me and others that had gone before me have given.

Knowledge passed down spoke of countless minor wars (surprisingly in Europe…maybe not such a surprise.) which eventually lead to another World War. A final war that saw the almost annihilation of all life on earth.

The few people that did survive went down into huge underground caverns prepared unknowingly to the public at large, over many years, by the military.

Things Get A Little Mixed Up From Here On In

I don’t have to tell you who the elite few were that survived the onset of War (do I). Let’s say Joe Soap never got a look in.

I do not remember much anything after that until I found myself standing in front of the Superior Being, he who must be obeyed, to make my report on conditions above ground.

There’s only one thing wrong with what I have just said. I know The Superior Being is a man and has been for many, many years. The position being handed down from father to son, without question, without debate (total obedience expected by the Law Makers). Yet, here I stood ready to give my report, as I had done in previous years, to a woman, and not the man I had expected.


With respect, I would advise if you have a closed mind (you think you don’t make mistakes). I would respectfully suggest not to read beyond this point. … If you do please remember this is only me and my waking nightmare …

I Lose The Plot Totally And The Nightmare Begins.

Head in a spin I find myself looking, walking, floating (whichever) down a long dark tunnel. Far in the distance, I could make out a tiny speck of light.

I had lost track of time by this point and just kept walking toward the light, a walk that seemed never-ending, or so I thought. All of a sudden I seem to pop out of the tunnel somewhat like a cork from a bottle.

As my eyes adjusted to the bright light I found myself standing in front of a huge tower-like building, a building I recognized only from the reading material brought down into the bunkers (when the war first threatened) by the lawmakers (the Elite).

Once again time shifts. I find myself deep underground. I am in a secret room my father and I had created over the years I was growing up as an adult. Here is where we kept what was known to many of us as the forbidden knowledge.

Yes, would you believe it even after the war to end all wars there was a body of people down here still unknown, or so I thought, to the lawmakers that spoke of what really happened all those years ago, and had plans to overthrow them.

Again, another time shift. I find myself in a large cavern facing a large flat surface that seemed to stretch endlessly toward the roof. Upon it, a flickering of light turned out to be images projected onto its surface much like the old Movie Screens I had seen mentioned in the knowledge of time past.

It showed a once proud Nation celebrating the Monarchy’s longest reign on the throne. The knowledge spoke of how the Royal family, of many years past, had dedicated their lives to Great Britain, making their country the envy of the whole world.

What Next

If they only had known of the troubles (hindsight was, and still is a wonder tool) that lay ahead maybe, just maybe they could have avoided the collapse of their economy. Which eventually lead their country on a downward spiral of no return.

High food prices on imported food and goods, the falling pound, desperately needed housing, crime out of control (to few law officers), new Human Rights Bill deliberately made so they could change the laws at any time, to suit themselves. (Without having to go through the usual party channels before a new law could be passed).

The collapse of the last few Unions trying to protect workers’ rights. Having said that jobs were few and far between. Many firms left for other EU countries looking for cheaper business rates and a more stable economy.

That brought pressure on soup kitchens up and down the country. These charity-run businesses had tripled to meet demand. The last straw saw the National Health Service (NHS) be sold off to the highest bidder.

Not long after that, the controlling party introduced the return of the Workhouse. That was all I could take, I wanted out of this imagined crazy dream world.

It was time for me to wake up … I think… (with hindsight).

A Nation Falls

That Once Great Nation was fast losing face around the globe seen by the many Nations as trouble bringers. Their once-proud celebrations of the Monarchy were replaced by fear of an acting Dictator whose attitude bordered on Totalitarianism. (the who must be obeyed).

The forbidden knowledge spoke of how the government of the times was willing to say or do anything that would keep them in power. Even the party who were then in control of the economy of the time were afraid of their leader. To agree with him or her or lose their job seemed to be the order of the day.

Another time shift. I find myself floating above the heads of those long-dead people going about their daily business. I realized I was no longer in the cavern it now felt like I was there unnoticed by the many (like a ghost, comes to mind). Even more surprising I could hear the thoughts of those I was the closest to.

The nearest man thought to himself he had ‘made a bad mistake voting to opt-out of the EU’. He now realized he and many others like him had been fed lies. Even the politicians themselves did not know what would happen, so how should Mr. Joe Soap know what to vote for.

Yet the public had still been given the vote.

His thoughts were of a divided nation made so by a very Foolish Prime Minister (of the time) making foolhardy promises to a minority party leader. When the vote went badly wrong for him he quickly retired from his post. Leaving the mess he had made for someone else to sweep up.

At first, no one wanted the post, however, the post was eventually taken up by a woman. A woman who would become known as the one who sowed the first seeds of the collapse of the European Union.

Journey’s End

Here my journey through time faded. I found myself back standing in front of the huge tower-like building. The place was similar to one I thought I recognized earlier in my dream at least I thought this to be a dream.

Beside us to our right and left stood two robots, in front of us was a tall heavy-built man dressed in red, overlaid with a gold design, holding what looked like an ax on the end of a very long handle. He stood before a large wooden door. Then total darkness descended over me.

A Memory Returns

I had been caught in our secret room going through the forbidden knowledge.

Refusing to tell them the names of the rest of the movement they publicly hung us out to dry. Then in a closed courtroom, a bench of four robotic judges found me, and my family guilty (Guilty of what) they used us as an example. A warning to others who dare think unsavory thoughts about them.

We were to be thrown into the tower naked, one bottle of water, and nothing to eat. We were to suffer a death from dehydration, and starvation with no appeal. Only the governing party knew what had happened to us.

My wife and family were stripped naked in front of me. One by one our robotic guards threw them naked through the entrance of what was to be our prison cell, which sooner rather than later would become our coffin.

They kept me until last. Letting me see how my family was suffering because I had refused to part with the names in our movement. I knew it would have made no difference. We as a family were a threat to them and had to disappear quickly.

Thrown through the door entrance I immediately began to fall toward the hard stone floor.

Waking up, startled with that awful feeling of falling that can sometimes happen when you have been dreaming, I looked around my bedroom wondering why I could not see the street lights through the curtains of my bedroom window.

A noise from behind me caught my attention. Looking toward the sound, I had heard, I thought I saw two robots and a man dressed in a red coat like a dress, just before our only source of light was extinguished (the door to our prison closed for the first and last time).

God help us (if you believe in him.. that is..) surely it had all been just a dream. …Yes of course it had… Wrong. Then came the ear-shattering high pitched screams, from my family, that went on and on and on.

Remember reader this is one of my weird waking dreams… For entertainment purposes only…

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