Motherboard Problems

Do you own a Z68XP-UD3P Touch Bios Gigabyte motherboard, first series? Have you had any problems with it? If like me you have had nothing but trouble since you booted up this motherboard then you will understand why I feel totally let down. Mine has been nothing but trouble from day one.

It started with countless reboots after the PC shut its-self down, on restart you were met with the error message Over-clocking Problem. This made me laugh there was no-way it could have been an Over-clocking problem. This would happen six or seven times over the course of some eight hours. Screen freezing and total lock-up are some of the other problems. However, The one I consider the worst (for me) is the way it locks its-self in to a continuous loop of starting up then restarting after 16 seconds, exactly (yes I timed it) and the only way to stop its continuous loop was to shut it down completely (not restart) for so many minutes, then try again.

Out of ten tries to successfully start my PC at least seven of them would lock into a start up re-start-up loop (if that makes any sense to you).

I am not a novice so believe me when I tell you I have tried every trick in the book and some that aren’t, including the hope that flashing the Bios with a new one (recommended by Gigabyte) would make a difference. Then I met my next problem as much as the M’Board documentation said I could flash the Bios sadly it was going to be a cold day in hell before it would let me do exactly that.

I have hit lots of forums to see if any-body else has come across problems with this particular M’Board. It has been like opening a can of worms. It appears with the people I know locally and those on various forums we are not the only ones receiving weird problems. There are lots of us. Some posts are saying that others have purchased the second series and they have found it to be even worse than the first.

I have read that Gigabyte know that some of us are having problems, but as of yet they themselves have not been able to recreate any of the problems we the buyers are having.

I am aware some of you will say how do you know it is the motherboard causing the problems. Simply put I know it is.

Why have I still got my Gigabyte M’Board….. I do not have the money to buy another one. Christmas, no overtime, the poor economy, and the fictional character The Sheriff of Nottingham robbing the poor, yet again, are just some of the reasons why I can not afford a new motherboard at the moment.

If the motherboard I have is typical of Gigabyte products it is going to be a cold day in hell before I buy another PC part from them.

One thing I do know, for sure, It’s back to Asus M’Boards for me.

If you are having the restart problem that I have here is away I have found to reduce the start up problem to one.

Shut your machine down totally, do not let it restart, remove the plug from the electrical supply then wait ten minutes before restarting as normal. I have no idea why this works only that it does.

The rest of the errors are put-up-able with until I can afford the next one up to my last Asus M’board.


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