Motherboard Problems Up-Date

Well My Motherboard has gone into an on and restart loop once to often. It has finally given up-the ghost and died. Yes stopped dead. I have been unable to bring it back to life, and to be honest I’m glad. I can not afford a new motherboard, but if I want to maintain my websites I now have been given a good enough reason to buy a new one.

I do not intend to send it back to Gigabyte. I am told that they test their motherboards with their own products, and if it does not play dead the way it is doing for me the return postage and bill for not being able to recreate the problem will end up on my doorstep.

So the money I save from not sending it back will go toward my new Asus motherboard. However, if it did lie down and die for them I would only get an new Z68Xp back in its place. I have had enough of Gigabyte products over the last 12 months, I’m cutting my losses and to hell with buying any-more Gigabyte products.


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