Memories Of A Strange Sensation

Published by Shahdaroba Tuesday 14th September 2021
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For some weeks she had been aware of various feelings. One such feeling had given her a strange sensation. This particular feeling was like none she had sensed before, and she was afraid it was coming to hurt her. How she knew only made her want to curl up into a little ball and hide.

This strange enclosure she found herself in was her home. How had she arrived here? She was unsure. What she did know was that it was her home, and she was afraid of losing it.

Over time the strange sensation went away and was replaced by yet more feelings. One such feeling had made her feel unusual, she became aware of a floating sensation yet instinctively knew these new feelings meant her no harm. Not knowing how she knew this was of no consequence, only that she did. Settling back into her home warm, content, and safe, for now.

All sense of time had been lost, and once again feeling threatened had that strange sensation returned? Had it brought her to awareness once again? She was unsure. Had she been discovered? Although threatened there was a sense of calmness in her panic.

A Time Of Reckoning

Many weeks as you the reader understand time passed. She was once again disturbed by her unsure memories of a strange sensation forcing her from her cocoon of safety.

Earlier memories came flooding back being afraid, wanting to hide, something beyond her control was at work, her home was no longer a place of safety, there really was nowhere to hide, all that could be done was to wait.

Where had these powerful memories come from? What was that sound? Either way, something was coming.

She no longer felt safe in what had become her home. Time and time again anxious at what may be coming, What was happening? What was there to be afraid of?

She tried to focus on the strange rumbling sound and the more the source remained hidden. This was of no comfort what was happening?

It was close now, getting ever nearer, with nowhere to hide all that could be done had been done it was only a matter of time.

The sounds, panic, fear was this all real? was this the end, with nowhere to hide it was coming and there was no going back. Her home had now become a prison. Was there to be no understanding of were had this oppression of fear, anxiety come from? What had she done to suffer this kind of punishment?

Whatever time was left to him Afraid as he was he needed to be honest with himself.

Focusing back to the first time he became aware of these strange feelings he had also become aware of a presence. Unsure he pressed on. More memories, he could now feel the panic, the need to hide. His own awareness now overshadowed the fear.

It was as if these memories as strange as they seemed to him, may have once been his own. Yet more memories came to him, with guilty leading them, he now understood the panic, the need to hide, the waiting.

The Becoming

Not wishing to do harm he had been happy to stay hidden, content in the knowledge they were one, but things changed. Keeping it close to herself she tried to hide it. She had failed she knew the other had sensed it too. They were talking about her and it had made him fearful. The noises had been soft, filled with affection. It could not end like this, he would not let it end like this.

He now understood the strange feelings he had been sensing, she’d every right to be afraid. Not his memories, they had been her memories the strange sensations, the need to hide, feeling afraid.

He was sensing her panic. He had not wished her harm. She was right he had heard the noises also and knew they weren’t for him.

The year 1964 the day Wednesday, early morning, the coming attraction was a birth, not just any birth, this was the birth time of a unique baby. A baby that in times to come have many regrets. These regrets unknown to the infant, at this time, would grow with the child. but for now all that mattered was the birth. The infant’s arrival here on earth.

In a heartbeat, before the first breath was taken, he remembered killing his sister… then it was gone… He had become the stronger. Rightly or wrongly he had survived His birth.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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