Jarrow: Railway Street Metro Station

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 22nd January 2012

The scene below shows further changes to Railway Street Station. gone are the old-style buildings to be replaced by poorly built shelters. With more and more businesses sending goods by road the passenger and freight trains that operated out of the station slowly became redundant, reducing the need for manned stations with ticket offices. Passenger and freight trains operated in and out of Jarrow until the freight that had been handled by Jarrow was transferred to Newcastle central station.

Post Old Railway Street Train Station

With tickets now being purchased on the trains, there was no longer need for a manned ticket station. This sounded the death Nell for staff, with a loss of probably all jobs. As you can see from the photo all the old-style buildings were demolished leaving the platforms bare apart from two simple (very simple) structures. In the then passenger-only station, these simple buildings would be used to shelter passengers from the elements.

Jarrow Metro Station: Present Day (summer 2011 / 21)

The two photos above show yet another change to the station, gone are the poorly built shelters to be replaced by a modern rapid travel metro system with a train schedule that far out-weighed the old train station timetable. To be precise metro trains run every 15 minutes compared to the old train timetable of one every 30 minutes. If you were feeling lucky