God, Aliens And Flying Saucers

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 5th February 2012

For those of you who read my last post Train Of Thought, you may remember I finished with closing the cage door. While I was writing that particular post I got to thinking If there is no God or afterlife then where do we go from here.

My thoughts go back in time to the days when cavemen became a dominant feature on Mother Earth. If you watch these television documentaries we are told that cave paintings from way back in time depict images of Aliens dropping from the sky in what appears to be… dare I say it?… Flying Saucers, and other such futuristic images.

If this is true, and they’re there for all to see perhaps we would be rather silly if not naive to think we are the only intelligent life forms in this vast Universe/Galaxy of ours.

Now supposing these cave paintings are a fact of what did happen long ago. This could then imply that we were deposited here on Mother Earth in our early stages of development by highly intelligent Alien Beings. (and the Adam and Eve of the bible never happened).

Voyage Of Discovery

Not because we had a part to play in this vast universe/galaxy, but purely as an experiment. Yes, an experiment to see if left alone how we would develop over the centuries while our masters looked on enjoying what they saw, very much like we do with our pets: dogs, cats, rabbits whatever your preference. Is it possible these Super Beings are/were our masters, we are their pets, and Earth is our cage?

Now centuries later we are close to visiting the stars and beyond ourselves and just maybe, unknown to us, this is where the fun begins.

Supposing we are the pet project of Super Beings who for many centuries have watched their experiment grow. Could we now be looked upon as an experiment gone wrong? Has the speed of our evolutionary processes surprised our masters (caught them napping)? Have we been allowed out to play too often for far too long? Have we exceeded the expectations of our masters? could it be we have now become a threat to our masters, because we are now in a position to take our dog eat dog nature to the stars and beyond, to infect the rest of those unknown inhabitants (at the moment) of other worlds?

Are our masters now regretting their experiment of centuries ago? Do they now wonder what went wrong and are looking to stop us? … So many unanswered questions … Maybe the time is fast approaching and our masters now know of a way to stop us from reaching the stars and beyond.

The reported sighting of flying saucer-shaped craft is, just maybe, the forerunner of what is to come. Maybe the day when our masters close the cage door on their experiment permanently is fast approaching, stopping us from infecting the rest of the Universe, with our dog eat dog nature, and watch on as we destroy ourselves

Well, I do say somewhere on this website that I have a weird imagination. Good night, sleep tight watch the bed bugs don’t bite… Bye for now.

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