Fear 2 (project origin)

Fear 2

If you played the first game then you will be familiar with the storyline, F.E.A.R 2 continues its supernatural suspense story of the supernatural being, Alma, who is set to take on and replace reality with her own.

You play a Delta Force operator, Michael Beckett, whose squad is sent in to take Genevieve Aristide into protective custody. In true gaming style that’s as far as you get to even coming close to Aristide. From then on you battle through various levels always close to, be never quite catching up to the sneaky, illusive Genevieve Aristide.

If you did not play the game first time round, fear (excuse the pun) not this will not stop your enjoyment. The game and storyline are brilliant, intelligent enemies, armour-clad forcefield protected robots that take a little thought to kill, the environment lends itself to combat opportunities available to both you and your enemies, there’s slow mo which uses Becketts enhanced reflexes, as well as enhanced graphics to add realism to the action horror

My personal favourites are the Elite Powered Armour and the nail gun, they both deliver. I’m not a great fan of FPS, so just maybe, I’m easy pleased, if that is the case then I will be happy in my ignorance. The only complaint I have is the poorly thought out ending, if that’s what it is… an ending I mean. Never the less F.E.A.R 2 pushes all the right buttons. Myself I would put it on equal par with Bioshock, yet another brilliant FPS, (as far as I am concerned).


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