Elvis Presley (the final curtain)

Well, if you have read my previous posts you will know I keep my Blog to talk about things close to my heart. For this posting, I am breaking my golden rule.

Not more than thirty minutes have passed since I said goodbye to a neighbor friend. For more than an hour, 15 minutes I sat and listened to the old, old question is Elvis Presley still Alive…

My neighbor feels he knows without question or debate that Elvis Presley is indeed alive and well living in Canada under another name. He also believes without debate that it was a wax dummy that lay in the coffin and was buried back in August 1977 some 30+ years ago. He says he does have some information and photo’s that he feels prove to him that Elvis Presley still Lives.

Elvis Presley
This instance as editorial information

Myself… if I remember correctly the official cause of his death at the time was heart failure although I do believe reading in the press that an overdose of cocaine and barbiturates may have also played a part.

Robert Gene West who was known as a close friend, met Elvis at a high school, and then went on with other bodyguards to write “Elvis What Happened?”
I think the book was published just before the death of Elvis. The following link will take you to another website where they feel Elvis was done no favors when this book was released. In fact they ask could a book be considered a killer. Now I know a little more about the book I feel it did Elvis no favors … it was pure backstabbing with an axe to grind.

I have read a little over the years and read an autopsy was done immediately after his death. The finding of that report was that drugs had indeed helped him on his way. This Fact was hidden at the beginning initially attributing the cause of death to a massive heart attack.

I tried hard to get my point across but all in vain.
This belief that some individuals have in Elvis still being alive and add the fans who do not want to believe he is dead. It sure seems to be good for business…

If you remember I wrote I was breaking my golden rule, but now I think about it this posting is in many ways all about a healthy mind and body…

Anyway, I tried to put the above as an argument to my neighbor and why I believe Elvis Presley is well and truly dead, he just could not or did not want to know the truth Elvis Presley his then living Legend is sadly now dead.

I say sadly because back in his early days as a young man… “You were the tops.”

If you are interested in Elvis and want to know more about his death I would recommend this website link as a starting point. or if you would like to listen to Elvis Presley This link with You tube is worth a look. ‘Don’t Cry Daddy’ (Lisa Marie Tribute to her Father)


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