Election Fever

Published by Shahdaroba Friday 2nd May 2008

In reading my last post, I am not sure whether I should celebrate the biggest defeat Labour have ever had in the local elections, or drown my sorrows.

I have had some time to think about my last post, and I feel as far as I am concerned, a vote for Labour in the General Election is a must. Why? like I said I am only Joe Soap no party is going to have all the answers, and maybe there all as bad as each other.

The present Government have made two or three mistakes but I honestly believe they have done more to help the homeless, put money where their mouth is for the elderly, have tackled a mammoth job with the health service, schools, charities, have done a fair job on unemployment, and remember there are a lot of people out there who just do not want to work no matter how much money, time, and opportunity is there given.

Hopefully, the results in local elections is a shot across their bows just enough to let them know they seemed to be deserting the people they are supposed to represent.

If you do choose to vote against Labour at the next general election be aware no opposing party has said anything about keeping any of the policies Labour have brought in. I reckon the first thing to go will be the revised winter payments, maybe a reduced pension credit, education maintenance allowance etc. their recent U-turn on tax in the morning light was not a climb down as a lot of people in the other camps, seem to think it was, but a genuine mistake. I would rather listen to the man/woman that can hand on heart say I made a mistake than those that would try to brainwash you.

My views go a lot deeper, and I hope the people of this fair land are only making a point… play the game or lose the General Election.

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