Dreams Are Only A Brain Exercise

Published by Shahdaroba Tuesday 8th September 2015

Regular visitors know I have a rather weird imagination and my next weird thought is about dreams.
Dreams are necessary to help us process the massive amount of information the brain takes in daily while our body gets much-needed rest.

Dreams are a safe haven to sort through our day-to-day living experiences at the end of each working day, while our body recharges its battery. That’s only part of it for a large number of people the safe haven of dreams can also be a place of terror (another post perhaps).

Doorway To Another Dimension

Most people say they do not remember their dreams and when they do they often make little sense and seem very mixed up.

According to experts, we dream several different dreams nightly. However, some of us run the gauntlet of trying to get to sleep in the first place. When we dream our memory remembers only parts of each dream making them appear as one crazy mixed-up memory.

The International Association for the Study of Dreams is a non-profit (ASD International founded in 1983) organization based in the USA. is dedicated to the pure and applied investigation of dreams and dreaming. Dr. Deirdre Barrett, who spoke on “Dreams and Creativity,” quoted:

Dreams have produced art, music, novels, films, mathematical proofs, designs for architecture, telescopes, and computers. Dreaming is essentially our brains thinking in another biochemical state—and therefore it’s likely to solve some problems on which our waking minds have become stuck.

Dr. Deirdre Barrett
The International Association

Dreams Shut That Door

Now for my weird thoughts. What if dreaming is a link to a doorway to another existence or dimension? Dr. Deirdre Barrett says “Dreaming is essentially our brains thinking in another biochemical” solving some problems the waking mind had become stuck on.

Ok, let’s take that a little further could the reason problems are solved in our dreams be that the solution has already been solved making the dream world our future? A future that has already been written.

When we visit the dream world are we actually visiting a Parallel Universe? A universe within a universe makes dreams the real world. Our time here on Earth, while awake, the dream. Or is our crazy mixed-up dream a safety feature to protect our understanding of our universe as we see it now …protecting our sanity?


Well I did say I have a weird imagination, and this is one such crazy thought I have not got a handle on (yet)

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