Dreaming: Dream Four (What Happened Next)

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 8th March 2015

My starting point for these weird dreams of mine always starts in the same dark room or what appeared to be a dark room with me sh–ing bricks and this last dream was no different. The continuation of this part of the dream did not happen the next night. It happened a few weeks after the first part of the dream.

On falling asleep I entered where I had left off a falling sensation, and yet again just like the first part of the dream I never got to hit the bottom. I woke up as I had done in the first half of my dream.

The Hands Of Time

However, this time on waking up it felt different although I was sitting up with the clock in my hand, and the time showing on the clock was 4 am. my bed definitely the one I had not long fallen asleep in was no longer in my bedroom.

All around the bed was nothing but darkness but not total darkness just beyond the bottom of the bed the darkness looked like it was a mist, and someone or thing was lost in the darkness shining a torch that was not strong enough to penetrate that part of the dark making it look like a grey mist.

From sitting up in bed to kneeling on the bottom of the bed just happened, I mean one second I was sitting, the next second kneeling with no memory of actually moving to the bottom of the bed.

Again not being aware of any movement my bed vanished, and I found myself sliding down a metal ramp headfirst into the grey mist, which was not a mist any longer just total darkness.

Once again I found myself falling/sliding into the darkness only this time I became aware of not sh–ing bricks, in fact, this time it made me feel light-headed like I was floating down, rather than falling.

If my dream continued I was not aware of it, until. I had no sooner felt the floating sensation when I bounced off of something in the darkness. The pain shot along my left leg.

Pulling myself into a ball shape left me able to feel the damage to my leg. The pain I felt made me blackout. I very quickly became aware of more pain this time, I must have hit the bottom. I found myself rolling along the beach curled up like a ball.

I stopped rolling when I hit the cliff face. This is where I found myself screaming in pain. I don’t remember anything else other than waking up, with one hell of a headache.

Although I remember hurting and screaming in my dream it would appear I Had done so only in my dream. How I know this That’s easy, my partner was lying fast asleep next to me. If I had screamed my head off in real time I would have woken her up.

For now, I had had enough I got up quietly and went downstairs. Had a nice cup of tea and took some well-deserved headache pills.

Went back to bed and knew no more until it was time to get up to start a new day …

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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