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Published by Shahdaroba Monday 16th July 2012

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These last few weeks have become quite a mystery to me… Why I hear you say…

Well, it’s like this. For many years now I have never had dreams or maybe it would be true to say if I do dream I have never been aware of it, not even a vague memory of dreaming. Now for some reason (I’m not too sure of), I am having trouble coming to terms with extremely weird, and almost total recall of dreams I have started to have.

This has been happening a the very least three times in any one week for almost several weeks now, and the odd thing is some of the dreams continue into the next night. Another odd thing is the dreams involve me which in its-self is not strange, but I also feel like I am watching myself from outside of myself (if that makes any sense). Although I feel I am directing my dream world. I have no control over it at all.

I have taken to writing them down, why, I am not too sure about why myself. I think I will keep track of the more bizarre ones that last over more than one night. actually, I will use the diary to also include my waking nightmares/dreams.

If my first Dream is anything to go by it sure will make for weird reading. For the want of a better title, I’m calling it my Dream Diary.

I have already posted one of my dreams which I thought at the time would be my first and my last of recalling my dreams. I sure got that wrong. Here I am several weeks later wondering when it is going to stop, and I become once again dreamless (not remembering them).

This next posting is one such dream that lasted over two individual nights.

When Is A Tree Not A Tree

I do not know how long asleep I had been before the dream starts (I’m sure there are people out there that know more about the sleep pattern than I do). I just become aware of being in a rather large darkroom before I see anything in this dream world of mine, and the dreams have been starting like this ever since I began recalling them.

I found myself standing on a rather high cliff-top standing far too close to the edge looking down on what appears, at first sight, to be a forest. Nothing unusual about that, apart from what I thought was the sky turns out to be water/liquid of some kind suspended above my head.

I sensed being above all this looking down through the choppy reflective surface of the liquid at myself wondering why I had not seen the dangers and stepped back from the cliff edge.

Then I realize I can not move back from the cliff edge, I can’t turn round or run in the opposite direction either. As calm returns to the liquid surface, I see what I thought was myself turn into a large Oak tree why an oak tree you tell me?

After what feels like a rather long time I find myself diving from a rather high platform, which had suddenly materialized under my feet, into the liquid with no thought other than it can’t harm me, treating seeing myself turn into a tree as if it were an everyday occurrence for me.

Here is where I find myself back in the darkroom, only this time there in the opposite wall, I assume it’s a wall, is a round hole maybe 3 feet in diameter with the Oaktree in its center.

No longer standing on the cliff edge it now stood in a barren wilderness. At the base of the tree was a large black patch which did not look anything special that was until it began to move, the black patch I mean.

It was here that I began to feel like I was floating and very slowly that black patch was coming closer or I’m getting nearer, whichever. As we approached each other shock and horror hit me hard. I could now see the black patch was more than just a black mark I could see hundreds of rather large black beetles, very much like a cockroach, moving as if in slow motion.

I could feel myself trying to move backward, no matter how hard I tried to back peddle the faster I felt I was getting close to one of my pet hates.

How long it had taken to reach this point in my dream I do not know. What I do know is I woke up in a sweat, I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face. Going back to bed was a no-no. What was left of the night I spent updating some posts on this website.

There was more to come, but at that particular time, I thought that was the end of it.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

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