Dream Diary 5: Wall To Wall

Meaningful Word On Old Brick Wall
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Those visitors who visit regularly will know my dream dairy is only added to if my dream is a follow-on to my last one, or I have one of my waking dreams.

It’s that time again. My last dreams always had me waking up in what I think is a dark windowless room, this latest dream is no different other than the room this time around really did have no doors or windows. I seem to sense this was how it would be if I went looking, so I continued to sit on what I thought was the floor.

I am not aware of how long I sat there. My next thought was what is that. A little distance from where I sat, what looked like a dark cloud had popped up. Remember this room was dark and windowless yet still I could make out this extremely dark form move toward me. The nearer it got to me the more I could feel myself starting to panic.

That was it, although I was not aware of it I found myself running at break-neck speed in the opposite direction. However, I could not put any distance between me and whatever it was coming up behind me. Running, I kept thinking I could not let what-ever was chasing me catch me.

It felt like I had been running for many hours. Fully aware I was in a dark room without windows or doors, and yet I never seemed to reach the other side of the room.

Once again in what was a flash of light, I found myself sitting up in bed (my bed) but it was not back in my bedroom, the room and bed I had gone to sleep in, instead my bed was in a brightly light area.

Looking around I could not see where the light was coming from. Shielding my eyes I could see a cage some distance from me that seemed like it went right around my bed.
Using the brilliant light to see beyond the bars of the cage got me no-where, the light did not seem to penetrate the blackness beyond the bars.

I do not know how long I sat staring at the bars of what I could only judge to be a cage.
My next thoughts were of a rather bad headache. I got out of bed and went to take some painkillers with a cup of tea.

It was the best part of an hour before I felt more like myself. Going back to bed I do not remember dreaming anything more.

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