Does Hereditary Addiction Exist?

Published by Shahdaroba Friday 12th July 2013

Have you ever taken antidepressants controlled by your doctor? If you do will there be a need to take them for life? Are you already taking antidepressants? Will you need to take them for many years to come in order to be free from high levels of anxiety or depression, and to continue living as normal a life as possible?

Unless you have been living on the moon or in the heart of the Amazon Jungle then I’m fairly certain that you will have heard talks, and debates about illegal drug-taking and the effects that it has on our minds and body.

These very debates got me thinking. What about the controlled drugs a doctor prescribes for depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia? People often miss the fact that even doctor-prescribed drugs can have a horrendous impact on people’s lives because of their side effects.

Don’t just take my word for it. You only have to ask someone who takes anti-convulsant, tricyclic, or antipsychotic medication and they’d tell you they live day to day with adverse effects from their medication.

Pill On The Run

I’m not so much talking about our modern controlled medication, but rather the supposed controlled drug-taking from many years gone in the good old sixties, when that kind of medication was, to coin a phrase, hailed as the wonder medication of their time. What effect have those kinds of drugs had on those people given them and is there a possibility of hereditary addiction?

Think about this. A young man of 18/19 years of age who had discovered that his wife, at the time I speak of, not content with her husband and not wanting to lose him either liked to have a bit of this and that on the side… but enough of the backstory.

The point I’m trying to get at is that the young man was prescribed medication (valium) for his problems. Years later I met him again, and although now divorced and happily re-married, I was shocked to learn that the medication he had been given back in his first marriage, to help him cope, was still very much part of his life.

The medication his doctor prescribed all those years ago was administered to him as a repeat prescription (for years) with assurances of having no side effects. Although he had tried to give the tablets the big push many times each time left him feeling unable to function without it.

What shocked me more was the fact that he felt certain behavior patterns his children have shown over the years may suggest that his dependency on various prescription drugs for many, many years may have been passed, unknowingly, on to his children.

Illegal use of drugs does terrible things to both the mind and body and I’m sure most all of us would agree. Of course, it did not help any that my friend’s doctor thought it best to keep him on the medication for many years.

Are Prescription Drugs Any Different?

They can do just as much damage to the mind and body as the illegal kind so could he be right. Has he unknowingly passed down to his children a weakness that may someday blow up in their faces? God, I hope not. For the sake of his children, and my found again best mate and his new wife. I dread to think what kind of ticking time bomb they may have.

I wonder if there has ever been a survey, assuming it would be possible to poll such a survey, of patients being given medication (rightly or wrongly) back in the sixties who still rely on it years later just to help them get through their day to day living?

My thinking is a survey would probably turn up surprising (alarming) results.

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