Déjà Vu Have We Been Here Before

My thoughts this month are around something I have felt before, and still have no explanation for Déjà vu.

What is Déjà vu? Well, most all of us are aware it means to experience the illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.

Have you ever over-heard your parents, or maybe a friend saying of an child “she/he’s been here before” Well, what follows is my take/explanation on the subject.

Maybe it is a past memory, maybe we have been here before, If you ask someone who has experienced it they are most likely to tell you of a feeling that is so deeply seated they would be willing to bet on having experienced the feeling once before. That includes me.

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Is it a memory from a past life? That surfaced because the circumstances have been so close to the original it could not be suppressed leaving us dumbfound.

If you have an interest in this subject then settle back, and see if what I think has any foundation.

Lets me use my earlier life as an example. When I left school I had one thought on my mind. What was that I hear you saying well, from an early age I loved helping with the cooking, so it would not come as a surprise when I tell you I wanted to join the Merchant Navy as a ships cook.

On leaving school I applied and succeeded in being accepted. I had a wait of almost 9 months before I would be given details of the ship I would serve on.

Around the same time I had a mate, still have, that wanted to be a drummer in a pop group, so most of my 9 months wait was spent going to different auditions with him.

Five months on we went to an audition that would change my own direction in life, not only did my mate pass the audition, the group were also looking for a lead singer, and guess what my mate talked me into singing for them.

Over a period of more than a few weeks practice with them I ended up as their lead singer, with all thoughts about joining the navy temporarily forgotten.

Singing is, and always has been (always will be) a deep rooted enjoyment of mine, but I was brought back to earth, so to speak when my forgotten letter drop on the door mat a month or two after being accepted as my now groups lead singer. In a nut shell the letter informed me to get in touch with Portsmouth, for further details on joining my ship.

Looking back I was sure glad I had picked the Merchant Navy. After explaining to my parents how I now felt and how I wanted to continue with my singing they agreed, as long as I found work I would not been pushed into joining, and thankfully because it was the Merchant, and not the Royal Navy I could send my ticket back without consequence.

One year later while I was out at my then girlfriends house two men came a knocking Mum answered the door, and after a explanation and visual proof of who they were (Decca records) she invited them in to await my return.

My girlfriend did not live on the door-step so to speak, and we did not own a telephone so these guys waited. Sadly, I guess I lost out after a wait of some 90 minutes these guy apologized for not being able to wait any longer. (never came back either)

Déjà vu Real Or Imagined

Déjà vu well, just supposing my experience was from a past life. Is it possible that we come back to right our wrongs the first/second etc. time round? Or maybe we come back to go down one of the paths we would have gone down if we had been in the right place at the right time.

There are a number of times during my life where I could have gone down another path had I been in the right place at the right time, the example above is just one of them, so just maybe I will get to be a famous singer (I can dream) after all.

Maybe the reason why we do not remember being here before is because it makes us easier to manipulate on return journeys. Always assuming there is a higher presence.

Now this is where the water gets cloudy if we did remember a past visit would we not then be that person following the path unaware of a past life. That is until a situation in your present life intersects with a past life experience with such force that we become aware we have done or experienced this particular situation before. Even though we can not explain why we feel like this.

Deja vú it’s just a thought I think about from time to time, and it is blooming difficult to try, and put a thought into words.

Now there could be a logical explanation according to the boffin’s at Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. According to Deborah Halber, News Office Correspondent, a press release June 7, 2007 suggest that neuroscientists at picower Institute have identified a neuronal mechanism that helps us distinguish places we visit and at the same time helps us to identify quickly whether we have been there before. The boffin’s feel this could help explain Deja vú.

Researchers believe there is a set of neurons called place cells. These place cells ignite to provide a map of the new area. Next time we enter the same area the same cells ignite making us aware we have already been here, so there is no need to relearn old ground covered.

Now when we enter a similar place to the one we have already visited the same cells ignite to map out the new area but overlapping occurs, enough overlap then leads on to that spooky feeling of Déjà vu a French phrase, that actually means “already seen”.

It is believed that the results from this experiment, using engineered mice, could lead to treatments for memory-related disorders, as well as for confusion that some elderly individuals suffer from.

This work was supported by the National Institute for Mental Health and the National Institutes of Health.

Well I’m off for a cuppa.


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