Covid And The National Health Service

Published by Shahdaroba Monday 19th July 2021
Better Safe Than Sorry

Way back in September 2020, I blogged about my take on the Corona Virus and how the public was not too keen to wear a mask for walking about or in shops as a way to help stop the spread of the virus. Part of that post went like this. I quote.

If the idea to wear a mask in various places is not to your liking then wear a wrap or scarf around your lower face area when in shops etc. If it’s the only way to try and limit the effects of the virus then that has to be a good thing even if it is a tory government asking us to take precautions. personally, I would rather be a live sheep than lying in a hospital bed on a ventilating machine.

Well, I got myself into a conversation with another person and found wearing a mask to help try and stop the spread of the virus was not an issue with them.

They went on to say their worry was the coming 19th of July The Prime Minister was thinking about lifting the need to wear a mask and is leaving it up to the individual whether they wear a mask or not. They also felt there was an ulterior motive for the decision and someone was using it as a dangerous smokescreen for what purpose they were unsure.

If you are an average citizen and you wish to vote for the Conservatives (which you have the right to do so) I would remind you I believe the Tories have to buy and bribe their friends I also believe the only people to get anything from a conservative government are those that have plenty of money and don’t care how they get more to add to their bank balance. Also at risk is the credibility of Britain as our country is sent down the swanny without a paddle.

My Weird Thoughts Playing Devils Advocate Again

Could the reason be someone within the government knew it would have almost all of the sensible organizations who think it would be foolish to relax the restrictions up in arms over such a foolish move? These same organizations suggest we should wait until our country’s population had taken their second dose of the vaccine before relaxing the rules.

Could it be this someone knew by lifting the covid restriction on July 19th it would have various organizations condemning the move as foolish, especially with the latest figures of affected people at an all-time high since January and growing by the day and deaths at 33 plus (at the time of posting)?

To my thinking whoever that someone is to my mind is hoping the commotion over the wearing of masks would take the eyes away from the government so their idea of making parts of the N.H.S private would go unnoticed and be passed before the summer recess and before anyone could object to the proposal.

If that sounded too far-fetched how about herd immunity? In my mind, this would mean if you happen to be part of the herd that is often too weak (like the sick and a lot of the elderly) to keep up with the rest of the herd, and you catch covid so what if you happen to die from it well we all have to die eventually I hear you say.

Yes, I agree. However, we are not animals and should not be treated like we were by anyone. especially those who supposedly have our health and well-being in their hands.

Those people who are unwell should be cared for through our NHS those who have worked all their lives and paid their dues should be allowed to live their retirement however long it may or may not last. How would you feel if it was your mum, dad, brother, sister, lover, etc. who was part of the herd at risk? As for the government as a whole, I wonder if they have stopped to think about how their handling of our country’s crisis may put the rest of the world in danger.

Of course, this is just how I think helped along by my weird imagination working overtime. I hope