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Dream On Two

These last few weeks have become quite a mystery to me… Why I hear you say… Well it’s like this. For many years now I have never had dreams or maybe it would be true to say if I do dream I have never been aware of it, not even a vague memory of dreaming. Now for some reason (I’m […]

Blue Planet Earth

I know I have always had a weird imagination, and up until last night, I have always assumed I did not dream. Although that should be I do not normally remember my dreams, rather than not dream. That wasn’t the case this particular night The first thing I remember on awakening the next morning was hurrying to jot this dream […]

Was Covid 19 an Unfortunate Accident

In my latest wacky nightmare scenario, I got to thinking how did the virus get started? News reports of our time made countries worldwide aware that mega-corporations (secret society) feel the world population is no longer sustainable and seen as a future threat to our planet. It is only of late that we (joe soap) have also become aware of […]

My Thoughts On Acting Prime Minister Mr. Johnson

Why would he propose a deal that’s worse than Mrs. May? Well, my opinion is he did it because he knows he can make money by doing so. How I am not too sure but I’m willing to bet it is in some way tied to our economy. He has also managed to turn voters and family members against each […]

My Nightmare Take On Opting Out

It’s in the news that if we crash out of the EU without a deal prices on our little island would skyrocket especially medicines I feel a nightmare coming over me. The import of our medication is one that should seriously worry about all of us. I’m pretty sure most all of us at some time have used the doctors […]

A War To End All Wars

Did you know at the time of the Two World Wars some elderly people of the time believed the only reason apart from world domination, for both wars was away to reduce the number of people in the world? After both of these wars so many people lost their lives, it was up to those who survived to band together […]