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A Coal Mine With A Spook To Its Name

I came across the following eerie story in an old newspaper clipping (Shields Gazette 2005). The story was wrapped around Boldon Colliery Coal Mine. Boldon Colliery used to be a mining village in the North East of England. The village, more like a small town these days, is still there, but the mine workings were closed in the early 1980′s […]

God, Aliens And Flying Saucers

For those of you who read my last post Train Of Thought you may remember I finished with closing the cage door. While I was writing that particular post I got to thinking If there is no God or afterlife then where do we go from here. My thoughts go back in time to the days when cavemen became a […]

Train Of Thought To Nowhere

I was watching a television documentary a couple of days ago where the presenter was talking about how science had grown in leaps and bounds, and how technology to date had uncovered many things about the Universe we live in. One particular subject was on the Big Bang Theory, the Earth way back before time as we know it was […]