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Confectionery Linked to Adult Violence

While Julia Hunt of the Food and Drink Federation calls it utter nonsense or a distasteful April Fool joke, Dr. Moore and his team of researchers from Cardiff University think that there is a link between confectionery and adult violence but “did not believe additives in confectionery were to blame”. I do not think it is any great secret that […]

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

What do we know about sudden Infant death syndrome (SIDS) – also known as cot death? And how does it happen? We know it is the unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby. Although there are in excess of some 300 plus cases in England yearly, it is still a rare occurrence. Go to Main Post Sudden Infant Death Syndrome […]

Elvis Presley: New DNA Information Available

Way back in February 2012 I blogged how my neighbour had spent an hour + trying to convince me Elvis Presley was living in Canada under an assumed name, while I tried to convince him he really did die back in August of 1977. A new documentary Dead Famous DNA, (TV show) is based around learning from DNA how historical […]

Does Hereditary Addiction Exist?

Have you ever taken antidepressants controlled by your doctor? If you do will there be a need to take them for life? Are you already taking antidepressants? Will you need to take them for many years to come in order to be free from high levels of anxiety or depression, and to continue living as normal a life as possible? […]

The Flawed Diamond

I speak of an age-old problem in the field of Mental Health… Schizophrenia. Now, this is a word that could bring to mind all sorts of questions and answers. If you ask the man in the street the meaning of the word you may get an uneducated reply, something along these lines: crazy person, not normal, loony tune, Jekyll and […]

Who’s Been Sleeping In Your Bed

Well I reckon that header opens the door for many topics for debate Could your partner, the love of your life, your one and only, be unknown to you, of course, your long-lost half-brother, half-sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, etc. I do not know how marriage pans out in other countries, but here in England, it seems as if it is […]