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Polyclinics: Walk-In Clinics

Well, what do you know our Government is thinking about opening what they term Polyclinics. This is not a new idea Germany has had this kind of walk-in clinic, with everything but the kitchen sink built into them, for some time now. We are told that if and when these kinds of clinics open their doors it will bring fast […]

Alcohol Problem: Age Limit

I guess the best way to start this post would be with a question, everyone seems to be asking, should the UK law be changed to allow the 16 to 18 year old to be able to order, and drink alcohol in a pub?… At the moment the law allows the 16′s to 18′s to order a drink in a […]

To Work Or Not Work

My blog is for all things sacred to the mind and body. If it benefits the body or mind in any way then it’s worth talking about. Unemployment, what does it say about you? Is it a means to an end? a better future for self/family? Are you disabled and would love to work? a necessary evil? something to be […]

Revenue & Customs Email Scam

It is that time of the year again and yet another email scam. I read in our local news rag that the latest email scam was being directed at taxpayers here in the UK. It is reported that many thousands of emails were being sent out claiming to be from HM Revenue and customs informing individuals that they were due […]

Eurovision Song Contest 2008

I now hear Eurovision Organizers are now saying that the U.K’s automatic placing may be ended. For me, it could not come at a better time Let’s change all the rules, and regulations of Eurovision especially the money. Why not make a new ruling to the effect that when the countries enter their song, on the song’s acceptance for entry […]