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BBC Television License

Whether I am for or against the Elderly having a Free Television Licence is not an issue with me. The real question is why do we need a TV license just for the privilege of watching a channel that is 70% made up of repeat after repeat programs. For many years we the public, and anyone else that bought a […]

When The Need For Expression Can Not Be Spoken

It has been some months since I last posted. This post is more about not having a voice. To speak without speaking a word, and still have people understand you. This is not one of my unusual thoughts at least I don’t think it is. Not too long ago I found myself in the middle of an argument. One person […]

Credit Card-Loophole

Have you used your credit card to purchase an item? Well, here is something you may, or may not know. Most all of us are aware that if you pay by credit card if the purchase is/over £100 and not more than 30,000 pounds you can claim your money back from the card company. on grounds, the seller fails to […]

Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Another year, another Eurovision. Will it be good? For its entertainment value, I suppose it will be. Should the UK pull out? Yes, I believe we should. Perhaps we could then watch it as farcical entertainment without handing out over £100,000 of license payers money for a competition that is so politically motivated, it has absolutely nothing to do with […]

Please MR. Postman Where Is My Parcel

Another month, and yet another pet hate. Have you ever wondered what happens to lost mail here in the UK, I ask because we have had four parcels go astray. When you pay to use their mail service you expect to get satisfaction seeing your parcel/letter get to the person it was intended for within their stated delivery times. Don’t […]

Vehicle Pavement Abuse

A local newspaper article about mobility scooters caught my eye. Apparently, an elderly lady boarded her local Metro train using her mobility scooter and was promptly asked to leave the train by the driver. Until she did so, the train would not be leaving the platform. The elderly lady protested saying she needed to catch the train to pick up […]