Brexit And The United Kingdom

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 23rd April 2017

The Web seems to be full of people calling each other as to whether they voted for out or staying in the EU. What follows is how I can see things… going to hell in a shopping basket.

So you want to stop immigrants/illegal immigrants coming into Britain. France can now turn a blind eye to those illegal immigrants trying to get in through Calais and the Channel Tunnel if they so desire. Illegal immigrants can also land a boat anywhere along our coastline and enter Britain that way, which they have already done, and for the foreseeable future is not going to change. Leaving the EU will not change that.

I have read of one young child who thinks, now we have triggered Brexit to leave the EU, her father although living legally in Britain, could end up being deported.

Those that voted to get David Cameron out of the office and some of you did. Did you not hear of the General Election, not long ago. David Cameron was leaving the office of his own accord whatever the outcome. He is leaving so someone else can carry the can of his making. The vote was not for your own personal vendetta.

I believe the Tory Party voted out the marginal vote policy before the end of their last term in office. That’s how they got themselves re-elected this term. (they were hedging their bets) knowing full-well their coming election (which they did win on only marginal seats) would be closely run.

Some of you thought they were voting to take Britain out of Europe. First, you could not be more wrong. You would need to dynamite the mass of rock that anchors us to the seafloor, then hoist a massive Sail so the wind could float our country to some other destination, not in Europe (if we did not sink first which is for sure). If you were one of this group you wasted your vote. It was for coming out of or staying in the E.U. Common Market.

There’s a lot of people who voted just to show how annoyed they were with the Labour Party (Oh! yes you did). You do realize your vote was for the future of Britain as a hole (Oop’s) a whole. Not some petty grudge against one Party or another.

Don’t forget about paying for a new passport, the ones we have are for members of the EU. which we are soon to divorce.

Not to forget some of our elderly generation who, probably voted to put their two fingers up to the E.U. Shame on you. (Don’t you care what state the country is left in. Your children are looking toward what could be a very bleak future that may well take many years of hardship before things improve).

Would you believe some of you voted because you wanted to stop or limit immigrants coming to Britain? Try reading the Geneva Convention policies. Immigrants and those seeking Asylum wishing to come to Britain have very little to do with the EU Common Market.

Then there were some of you who believed Mr. Farage when he said the money saved would help the NHS. If you did, it would have been nice to put all that money into our NHS, but Tut, Tut that was another Porky Pie. I’m sure you realize that now.

Now Mr. Farage admits Britain Is heading for what he terms as a mild recession. Who’s he kidding certainly not the remaining voters? Is this another slip of the tongue? Did he conveniently forget what would start to happen, and get worse as time goes on? Now we a considering pulling out of Europe

Let us not forget those of you who did not/will not vote, you deserve whatever is decided by the rest of us. So when you find you can not make ends meet (tough) you got what you did not vote for, next time vote or put up.

Not Much will change straight away, it will take a little while before the goods we have already imported run out. Then the fun will begin when fresh imports especially fruit and meat imports (and we do import a lot of Goods 46% is about right) send prices soaring, Holidays will cost more, no more cheap flights into Europe. Living costs soar, our University’s funding is hit (oh yes it will be)

I do agree the EU seems to be run by a bunch of stuck in a rut old men and needs changing. Voting us out of the EU was not the way to go about it. The vote should not have been given to us the public. Very few of us realize what is involved by voting us out or staying in.

A little knowledge… it was Winston Churchhill who suggested, back after the Second World War, that the nations should get together and form an alliance as a way to avoid another war. It has worked well up until now.

I worry. Now that Britain is pulling out, other countries may well do the same. Should this happen it is possible there would be a collapse of the many Nations that make up the EU. With the downfall of the European Union (EU), certain countries could benefit from this tremendously.

Some countries see War as the be-all and end-all rather than looking for peaceful diplomatic ways of solving problems. Could this be the seed that moves the World as a whole toward a third world war (God forbid. If you believe in him… that is)? It’s not as daft a thought as you may think.

I am of the belief the Opt-out Vote is not legally binding yet, it is up to the new Government in power to take your recommendation and debate it in Parliament. I believe also there is one sticking point, the vote did not reach a clear majority. If this vote had happened in a general election a re-vote would need to be considered.

It would appear that The acting Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ has called for a snap election to take place on June 8th, 2017.

If we must leave the EU we need access to the Single Market. If you voted to leave the EU, but feel we need to stay with the Single Market then amend your vote to a Political Party that also thinks as you do.

The Uk And Immigration

To stop the illegal immigrants we need the various Nations to get together and put a stop to the war/fighting that has sent these people looking for a better life (not such an easy task).

Who can blame them? If I was in their position I would be looking for a better life to bring my family up in. It would be like a living hell always wondering if the next bomb or bullet had my family’s name on it.

Yes, I know some of you out there do not agree with me, so be it. This is how a future Britain or should that be England looks to me, as our United Kingdom seeks to have their own borders (again God forbid… we are the envy of most all Nations that’s why so many try to enter our country legally or illegally).

We live on an island with two other countries that share this home of ours. Along with Northern Island, we call our home The United Kingdom let us keep it that way…Yes…

If you have managed to get this far without throwing something at your monitor Many Thanks. Whether it is right or wrong thank you for letting me put my version of how I see our future here in Britain… Again Thank You.

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