Breakfast Can Help With Weight Loss

A link for or against breakfast has been flagged by researchers of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Valentin Fuster, MD, Ph.D. suggests that skipping breakfast is a rather bad habit to start the day and people should work on taking time out to eat breakfast.

The research has shown you could be significantly more likely to develop atherosclerosis than those people who enjoyed taking time to start the day with breakfast. Atherosclerosis is a potentially serious condition where arteries become clogged with fatty substances deposited to the walls of arteries.

Breakfast cereal
One way to start the day right

These fatty substances or atheroma (Medical term for the build-up of substances that stick to artery walls) over time can be deposited narrowing arteries (know as hardening of the arteries) enough to restrict the passage of blood to vital organs if left they can totally block a vital artery triggering a stroke, heart attack or be the cause of another major body organ failure.

The buildup can narrow an artery enough that it severely restricts blood flow — or even blocks the artery altogether. In some cases, pieces of the plaque can break away. When that happens, the body responds by producing a blood clot, which can further block artery walls.

Busy people often see breakfast as a time waster to the start of their busy day. Others misguidedly think missing breakfast is a good way to lose weight. In reality, a large percentage of professionals believe having breakfast could initially lead to a much healthier lifestyle as well as weight loss.

Researchers have also become more aware that skipping breakfast also upped the risk of heart disease, diabetes or a stroke. However, researchers believe the not so good news is not taking time out to enjoy this meal could be a marker toward an unhealthy diet and lifestyle associated with atherosclerosis.

If you wait some hours after getting up before you eat it has a chance to make you very hungry indeed. When the time comes to eat we are more likely of eating more calories than is good for us rather than looking at healthier options.

My own take on this subject it’s the first meal of the day I believe it gives me the necessary nutrients and calories I need to get through the day reducing the risk of eating the first thing I get my hands on. Not looking at healthier eating options is no good for me or my diet.


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