Blue Planet Earth

Published by Shahdaroba Saturday 8th May 2021
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Water World

I know I have always had a weird imagination, and up until last night, I have always assumed I did not dream. Although that should be I do not normally remember my dreams, rather than not dream. That wasn’t the case this particular night

The first thing I remember on awakening the next morning was hurrying to jot this dream down it still was not quick enough before I started forgetting some of it.

It started where I was floating high above the Earth feeling very sad. Looking down I could see the green and blue planet we call Earth, as seen looking down from outer space, only this time it did not look like it was a balanced view of greens and blue. What was different, well, it had far too many blues and not enough green for starters.

While I worked out what was different about the view I felt a terrific force pulling me toward Earth. As I began to fall faster and faster toward the planet I noticed how much more water covered the earth and the land was just about none existent. Shocked by what I was seeing, and picking up yet more speed my last thought was where do I land. It was then I realized I was not in a spaceship or any other kind of craft, as I hit the blue water at incredible speed.

In my next memory, I was swimming along with no diving equipment strapped to my back, breathing like I had always lived in the sea and did not need breathing apparatus. Far in the distance, I could see what appeared from a distance to be an incredibly large shark. As it got closer to me the largemouth full of what (teeth) I did not want a demonstration of closed. I then found myself looking at the nose of a submarine that had portholes along the side of it allowing me to see in

Now I know this is sounding daft but hey I was dreaming… okay… Looking through the portholes as the submarine passed by, I could see that the sub was totally empty no machinery, corridors, rooms, humans, etc. the sort of things you would expect to see instead I saw a herd of wild horses led by a beautiful white Unicorn, at full gallop heading toward the back (aft) of the sub.

As they got close to the aft of the sub I was expecting them to crash into the back of it leaving a rather bloody red mess… Wrong… I saw the back of the submarine open and reveal a mouth of rather sharp teeth then everything went black.

Then It Hit Me

If you’re still with me… On opening my eyes I found myself wandering through a deserted town. I was floating above water which had appeared from nowhere. Large posters displayed we will always be in power and you all will bend to my will or suffer. Mermaids are exempt… Me Exempt … I was no mermaid … I was floating above the water … remember

I don’t seem to remember anything past the mermaid. Until a large poster fell from nowhere onto my head. Sitting up and looking around other posters, seemingly planted into clouds were screaming out in big red letters your town needs your vote. What town, there was no town that I could see.

For a long time I seem to be able to remember large grey shapes, boxes, shopping bags yes, I said shopping bags floating above my head in a room I felt trapped in. No matter how hard I pulled on the door handle, this windowless room I had found myself in, would not open and it scared the Sh-t out of me.

If I continued to dream I do not remember anymore.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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