Blue Planet Earth

Published by Shahdaroba Saturday 8th May 2021
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Water World

I’ve always known my imagination was a bit strange, and up until last night, I believed I didn’t dream much. Well, that should be corrected to say that I don’t usually remember my dreams. However, last night was quite different.

As I awoke the next morning, the first thing I felt was a sense of urgency to jot down this dream before it slipped away from my memory entirely. Unfortunately, even as I rushed, some details began to fade.

The dream began with me floating high above the Earth, overwhelmed by profound sadness. Looking down, I saw our familiar green and blue planet, as observed from outer space. Yet, this time, something seemed off. The view appeared unbalanced, with an excessive amount of blue and not enough green.

While trying to discern what had changed, I felt an immense force pulling me toward Earth. The sensation intensified as I plummeted faster and faster, witnessing an alarming increase in water coverage and a near absence of land. Astonished by this sight and accelerating at an alarming rate, my last thought before impact was, “Where will I land?” It was then I realized I wasn’t inside a spaceship or any craft; I was freefalling and about to hit the vast blue water at incredible speed.

In my next recollection, I found myself swimming effortlessly, devoid of any diving equipment or the need for oxygen. It felt as though I had always belonged to the sea, breathing naturally underwater. Far in the distance, I spotted what seemed to be an enormous shark. As it approached, its mouth, filled with sharp teeth, remained closed, sparing me a frightening demonstration. Shortly after, my attention shifted to a submarine, revealing portholes along its side, offering glimpses of its interior.

Now, I acknowledge this all sounds absurd, but bear in mind, I was dreaming—anything could happen. Peering through the portholes as the submarine sailed by, I discovered an empty vessel, devoid of machinery, corridors, rooms, or humans. Instead, I beheld a herd of wild horses led by a magnificent white Unicorn, charging at full speed toward the aft of the submarine.

Anticipating a catastrophic collision, I prepared for a gruesome and bloody aftermath. Yet, to my surprise, the back of the submarine opened, revealing a set of sharp teeth, and everything went dark.

Then It Hit Me

If you’re still following along, upon reopening my eyes, I found myself wandering through an abandoned town, floating above water that seemed to materialize out of thin air. Large posters loomed before me, proclaiming their unwavering power and warning of dire consequences for those who defy them. However, there was an exception saying, for mermaids, and that exemption did not apply to me. I was floating above the water, not a mermaid, but just me.

“I was floating above the water… remember?” Those were the last coherent thoughts I had before my recollection became fragmented. I struggled to remember anything beyond the encounter with the mermaid. Suddenly, a large poster fell from nowhere and struck me on the head. Startled, I sat up and looked around. Other posters, seemingly embedded in the clouds, screamed at me in bold red letters, urging me to vote for my town. However, there was no town in sight, leaving me confused and disoriented.

From that point on, my memories grew increasingly vague. I could vaguely recall the presence of large gray shapes, boxes, and even floating shopping bags above me in a confined room. It felt as though I were trapped within a windowless chamber, uselessly tugging at the door handle in a desperate attempt to escape. Fear and anxiety gripped me.

As for the rest of the dream, if it continued, I cannot recall it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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