Are Dreams Possible Harbingers Of Death

Published by Shahdaroba Sunday 11th January 2015

As some of you will know (if you are a regular visitor) I have been having some crazy dreams of late, so much so I have opened a Dream Diary to keep track of if and when those particular dreams come back to haunt me.

Dreams, are they just a figment of our imagination? Could they be a forerunner of events to come? Or possibly just a brain exercise keeping our brain amused while our body repairs its self while we sleep.

What has got me interested in being told (not spoken with) that dreams are no more than the first question (a figment of our imagination)? Others will tell you there is a lot more to dreaming than writing it off as a figment of the imagination.

Could A Dream Be A Harbinger Of Death?

It’s not such a far-out question as some of us may think. What do I know about death (not a lot)? However, what does intrigue me is how those amongst us who have died come back after being resuscitated and comment on being drawn toward a bright light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Others speak of meeting a loved one/ones telling them it was not their time to die, and they promptly return to the land of the living. While non-believers are aware of nothing but darkness.

Religion over the centuries has certainly been seen as a way to worship God. Whatever your religion they all speak of a supreme being with an endless capacity for forgiveness. Is that what we experience when we die prematurely a kind of stepping stone to the other side through our dreams.

Maybe at the point of death the part of our brain that gives us our dreams, while asleep, is also the harbinger of our death. Perhaps our head (brain) knows before we do that death is imminent and prepares us for the journey by lapsing us into a dream-like state by releasing a chemical.

This particular chemical is only released at the appointed hour of our death-causing us to experience some form of hallucinatory (false belief or impression) experience brought about by the release of the chemical.

Our brain with the release of the chemical gives us what we would in our hearts like to see or believe in. Making the transition between life and death easier to accept.

If you believe in your heart of hearts of a possible meeting with loved ones that died before your own death, then the brain does just that.

If your belief is of no life after death, you get exactly what you would expect: nothing/blackness.

These scenarios could be applied to any, whatever your beliefs. Once the brain has accomplished this final task, it then shuts itself down, bringing the final curtain to our life here on Earth to an end (brain dead) nothingness/darkness.

So those of us who firmly believe there is no life after death may well be correct. … Only a dream … Our last dream brought about by a unique chemical and the appointed hour of our death.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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