Adam And Eve And The Garden Of Eden

Published by Shahdaroba Tuesday 1st May 2012

I feel another weird post coming on…

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Have you ever opened your door to answer someone knocking and found it was not that long-awaited parcel, instead you find yourself face to face with two individuals preaching the Bible?

Well, this happened yesterday to my wife. Why she let them get her into a debate on what God wants and what God doesn’t want I do not know. Normally she would tell them politely she carried her faith close to her chest, did not like talking about it to strangers, especially cold canvasing Jehovah’s Witnesses/Creationists, say goodbye, and shut the door.

This post is about part of what was said during their conversation.

My better half touched on the subject of Adam and Eve and their two sons suggesting to the two canvasser’s something I had said to her a few weeks ago. “Who knows the story of Adam and Eve may have been a child’s bedtime story of the times so long ago” i.e Be a good little person or you may end up losing your most revered possession and go to Hell. or something along those lines.

If you hold your religious beliefs close to your chest and have a closed mind to debate I would respectfully suggest you read no further. If you choose to continue please remember I called this section of the website weird thoughts and dreams. I emphasize weird (what if… ) and is not intended to offend anyone out there in this big bad world of ours.

Well here goes… If we did evolve from Adam and Eve what would that say about the life and times of Adam and Eve?

The Bible states that Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden of Eden and banished to what we call Earth after naughty Eve eats from the forbidden apple tree. They then went on to have two sons Kane and Able now correct me if I’m wrong but, to have a baby it takes two normally one man and one woman (or it would have done way back then).

Now if these four people were a start to the human race before anybody else could come along, one man and one woman had to get together to make three. (I wonder if you are ahead of me) Assuming Adam and Eve alone could not populate the earth, So how did the rest of us get here.

This was put to the Jehovah/creationist’s their response was that parts of the bible had been deliberately omitted by a person or persons unknown to suit their own agenda at some particular point in time. Then by the same token, parts of the bible could also have been added to suit the person or person’s agenda at that point in time.

I was taught that both Adam and Eve were children of God so I suppose that makes them brother and sister. So that would mean their children were born of brother and sister.

Eve was created by taking a rib bone of Adam I hear you say… OK, so what am I saying.

Well, if Eve was created from Adam’s rib bone then I suppose what I am saying is old Adam made love to himself and it was a man who gave birth to Kane and Able… If that does not float your boat how about this thought…The Bible states that Eve was created from a rib bone of Adam so when Eve gave birth to her two sons did that not make Adam the first man to bear children by proxy.

Before getting annoyed at what you have read remember I did say I had a weird imagination, and I have no dought science will undoubtingly prove one day, if it hasn’t already, that Adam and Eve never existed. So what is said does not matter anyway. O’ by the by I was raised as a Catholic but that does not mean I can not play devil’s advocate and question my own Faith.

By the by I do hope and pray there is a life after death because for some individuals the here and now feels like a hell on earth.

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