A War To End All Wars

Published by Shahdaroba Saturday 3rd August 2019
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Tax cuts for the privileged few.

Did you know at the time of the Two World Wars some elderly people of the time believed the only reason apart from world domination, for both wars was away to reduce the number of people in the world?

After both of these wars so many people lost their lives, it was up to those who survived to band together to rebuild the devastation those wars left behind.

Make Your Home In Britain

Britain, like so many other countries, reached out to other countries for people to emigrate to help rebuild their country. There was so much left destroyed, war jobs were in abundance here in the (UK). If the older generation were right about their thoughts on both world wars then we are long overdue for number three.

The only reason it has not happened yet is that no one wants to take the chance of starting a war that may destroy that much of our world it would be impossible to live on the surface for many, many years. (Assuming any of us survived the first blast).

I personally think the reason why another war has not happened is, as I have just said, modern-day warfare would probably destroy most if not all of our cities, villages, towns, and countryside.

Those of us who survived (if any) from such a war would probably be forced to live underground. Even then this would be risky. The fallout would be catastrophic… What would be left of the earth is anybody’s guess.

Why such doom and gloom in my post. Well, I got to thinking… (I feel more wacky thoughts on the way).

Brexit Or No Brexit

At this moment in time, I would think the little Island we know as the United Kingdom is going through a pretty scary time what with Brexit, illegal immigrants, a Russian roulette of Prime Ministers and Money Men and possibly Women who are in the background pulling the strings of the government puppets). I hope whichever way it goes it is the right move to take for our country as a whole. Somehow though I doubt it.

If our little island is getting a little overcrowded what would be the best way to make it less so. Have another war… Find a way to start another World War. That would certainly be one way to kill populations on a worldwide scale. (a very foolish way of course). However, if you’re talking about only our little island. on its own.

A Few Ways Spring To Mind.

Denying the use of life-saving drugs that so many of us need and rely on. Babies, young children, teenagers, and the elderly depend upon The National Health Service to continue a reasonable quality of life.

Another way would be to run our health Service into the ground selling it off to the highest bid (the rundown has been happening over the past 10 years surely I’m not the only one that’s noticed).

For 50, 60, years plus many have paid into the National Health Service (NHS) setup, as promised, to take care of us in later life or when required. It’s now time to pay the piper back for their loyalty to Britain but that won’t happen, will it?

It is my belief that our present government would sooner see our population reduced even further from their refusal to listen to those that know our health service is heading for a god almighty crash if the government who think they know better does not act in time this winter (2021) to heed the warnings issued by NHS doctors.

There are many people who rely upon the National Health Service for continued treatment. Privatizing the NHS would deny most of these individuals the right of treatment (unless they have the money) as they would not have the means to pay the ferryman leading to a refusal of treatment. That would put a few nails in a lot of people’s coffins. (myself included)

Cuts to the Police have made it so officers can no longer police their beats to meet the rise in crime and deaths through stabbing and shootings. If more officers aren’t recruited deaths from knives and shootings crime will escalate. Another way of thinning out the population.

More government cuts causing more despondency within all walks of life in favor of high tax cuts for the money men or women who I believe are sitting in the background pulling all the strings to get their own way (or maybe just one individual with friends in high places). Yet another way of thinning out the population.

A Smell In The Air And It’s Not Fish

Seriously something does not sit right in Britain. I find it hard to reason why serious-minded people would seriously jeopardize Britain’s future leaving a trail so long the younger generation will need many years to right the wrongs (More so when the government knows our jobs are on the line).

Then there is the clown who would try to close parliament so he can push the Brexit vote through. What’s that you say he has sacked those in his cabinet who don’t agree with his policies and replaced them for the leave without a deal brigade…Really… I’m not at all surprised…

Is that what Democracy is all about. Sacking people with a difference of opinion or shouting others down because you don’t like not getting your own way or admitting you got it wrong No, that’s called Dictatorship (totalitarian state), absolute authority in any sphere or another way to put it someone or group are seeking to establish a dictatorship.

With Britain as the prize (for now). Maybe that should be England. Other countries realize what is going down.

In my mind dear reader, this scenario of mine may not be too far from the truth. One of those I would call another of my waking Nightmares.

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